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Ofri Cnaani Ofri Cnaani

A Tale of Ends
January 21, 2009 – April 13, 2009
A Tale of Ends, LPR’s first solo exhibit by New York‐based artist, Ofri Cnaani. The show consisted of 1 light box, 8 works of ink on Mylar ‐ all from the series – a 9” video installation entitled Death Bed, and an original large‐scale work at the gallery entrance.
Cnaani’s body of work expands upon the artist’s earlier investigations of power relations, gender roles and the nature of visuality. Allusions to the history of art and references to film abound in both series, with each drawing functioning as a single frame in a larger narrative. Various art
world figures‐ curators, dealers and collectors‐are depicted in somewhat ambiguous spaces, alongside the art object they covet. The forgotten artist is destined for a short appearance and a long dissolve.
Israeli-born artist Ofri Cnaani now resides in NYC, which serves as the urban backdrop for her noir, graffiti-inspired drawings. In contracts to the stark black, white, and red of these static pieces, video installations transform her human subjects into images that bring to midn flowers captured by time-lapse photography. Since Cnaani’s work often deals with the fluid nature of place and architecture, (Le) Poisson Rouge’s mixed-use space is ideally suited for “A Tale of Ends.
– Adam Eisenberg, Flavorpill
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