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3MB Collective: Macaulay Culkin, Toby Goodshank, Adam Green

Leisure Inferno
September 14, 2013 – March 4, 2013
Working in a truly collaborative style, 3MB takes the phrase “art collective” seriously. These works are collectively rendered. This is not a group show. These paintings are pulled from the collective consciousness of the individuals and their shared — though often separate — experiences. Though they work without a formula, Toby Goodshank explains their process saying, “We all attack the canvas simultaneously.” Adam Green elaborates that these works are born from “surreal, cartoony, and post-modern ideas that were floating around, and we didn’t feel ashamed to illustrate them, as though we were playing a game together.”
The result of this collaboration is Leisure Inferno, the world premiere art exhibition from 3MB Collective. The paintings here pull from, as Macaulay Culkin explains, “the iconography of our youth.” The art of Leisure Inferno finds the humor in life, in the strange juxtapositions that come from collective consciousness. It’s an embracing of the divide in American culture between sloth and frenzy, passive consumption and fanatic hysteria, high brow and low brow.
Leisure Inferno is a metaphor for the way we live, to hear the artists of 3MB Collective tell it, it is the way we process the culture around us. Culkin elaborates on the concept being embodied in the process saying, “Sometimes we will get together with the intention of working on something, and we don’t know what we’re going to work on. Then it’s ‘Hellraiser,’ ‘disco,’ ‘luau,’ go.” Green adds, “It’s in keeping with the idea of Leisure Inferno. We have leisure activities and Hellraiser interacting. We’ve been touching on the dark side of cartoons. It’s intuitive…We were seeing a lethargic attitude toward leisure and nostalgia…while working on these paintings.”
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