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“Landfill Indie” Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis
“Landfill Indie”
October 27th 2015 – January 22nd 2016


Born and raised New Yorker Jeffrey Lewis leads a double-life, as both a comic book artist and an indie-rock musician. Beginning with homemade cassettes in the late 90s, and moving on to touring the world and releasing albums since 2001, Jeffrey’s music career has included sharing bills and tours with the likes of The Vaselines, The Fall, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Roky Erickson, The Mountain Goats, Daniel Johnston, Devo, Pulp and many other luminaries.

Rough Trade Records is about to release Jeffrey’s seventh album (Manhattan, out October 30th, 2015) and this event precedes an evening time (separate admission) record release performance by Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts.

As The Comics Journal recently wrote in an extensive piece about Jeffrey, “With equal passion and perhaps greater technical acumen, Lewis has pursued comics. At times, the singer’s visual art comes tied to his music. He designs extravagant album covers and liner-notes, generally for himself and occasionally for peers. In concert, for certain songs, Lewis will exchange his guitar for a large, battered sketchbook, accompanying his lyrics with crayon-and-marker illustrations. Yet the bulk of Lewis’s life in comics is far removed from stage or record. For 18 years, he has been sporadically working on a book about Watchmen. Most significantly, since 2004, Lewis has published Fuff (né Guff), a floppy comic book that recently reached issue #11. Fuff is crafted in the variety show mold, with issues including travelogues, superhero spoofs, and self-deprecating sex memoirs, among other things. All pieces are written and drawn by Lewis, who applies the exacting grace of somebody who spent too much time in his bedroom during adolescence.”

“Landfill Indie” celebrate’s Jeffrey’s long and varied career and the amazing artwork he’s created along the way.

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