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Mike Falcon

Superheroes & Angels
May 2011
“…re-imagining and fusion of pop art with street art creates vivid, vital works that transcend their media and influences.”
Mike Falcon was born in Los Angeles, California. After attending the University of Santa Barbara Michael traveled through Europe and South America as a musician experiencing many of the diverse cultural values of the western world. Michael, a completely self taught artist, then moved to New York in 2004.
Michael’s earliest work, pop iconic (abstract portraits of rockstars) shows the influence of artists like Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack, and Natvar Bavsar whom Michael befriended shortly after arriving in New York. In 2005 Michael began experimenting with new mediums and techniques. In 2006 he arrived at his signature style of “abstractism” integrating abstract and collage and embedding the implement of a billboard like effect.
New York’s muted metropolitan landscape shaped Michael’s work fleetingly, while its graphic subject matter left a lasting urban impression of the tracings of New York’s past and present. Michael’s main goal with his new work is to create a positive exertion from each and every painting. Inside, underneath and atop his paintings are hidden and unhidden positive AFFIRMATIONS, along with the harmony and balance of color.
Michael’s arrival to New York has brought an increasing recognition of his work along with several commissions for murals as well as winning best in show award at ARTEXPO 2009. These commissions afforded Michael the opportunity to create color environments on a monumental and global scale. He is now achieving financial success and critical acclaim amongst the art world. Michael resides in New York today enjoying his life as a living working artist. Michael’s belief is: “The more we create out of love, the more love there will be”.

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