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Chuck Close & Devorah Sperber Chuck Close & Devorah Sperber

Through the Looking Glass: Image and Process Deconstructed.
September 23, 2008 – December 9, 2008 (premiere exhibit)
The remarkable career of artist Chuck Close extends beyond his completed works of art. More than just a painter, photographer, and print-maker, Close is a builder who, in his words, builds “painting experiences for the viewer.” Highly renowned as a painter, Close is also a master print-maker, who has, over the course of more than 30 years, pushed the boundaries of traditional printmaking in remarkable ways.
Devorah Sperber is a New York-based artist whose sculptures, composed of thousands of ordinary objects, negotiate the terrain between low and high tech. Her labor-intensive works explore repetition and the effects of digital technology on perception, sale and subjective reality
– Patricia Phillips, Art Journal
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