Updated Mar. 7 2022

Things are changin’ and we want you to stay in the know! COVID case numbers are dropping and so are the city’s mandates. At this time we’re (cautiously) optimistic at a transition back to normalcy, while keeping a close eye to ensure that every step we take is in good faith for the safety and benefit of our beautiful community.

With New York City dropping the vaccination mandate for entertainment venues across the city, all LPR shows that go on sale after Mar. 7th will no longer require proof of vaccination, unless otherwise requested by the artist.
For any show where proof of vaccination may still be required, pertinent info can be found on the show’s ticketing page. 

All shows that have been on sale prior to Mar. 7th will still require that patrons provide proof of full vaccination, which will be re-stated on each show’s ticketing page.

Acceptable Vaccines and forms of Vaccination proof include:
Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Oxford/Astrzeneca, Vaxzervia, Sinophram, BBIP-CorV, and Sinovac: Coravac.

• NYC COVID Safe App: Android | iOS
• Excelsior Pass
• CDC Vaccination Card (or photo)
• NYC Vaccination Record
• An official immunization record from outside NYC or the U.S

If you received the vaccine outside the U.S., you must have an official immunization record that includes:

• First name and last name
• Date of birth
• Vaccine product name (only vaccines authorized by the WHO are acceptable)
• Date(s) administered
• Site where the vaccine was administered, or name of the person who administered it

If you purchased a ticket prior to these changes and are unable to attend a show due to these new restrictions, we will work quickly to process refunds. For those of you who can attend, we will be doing everything we can to make your night out with us a safe and memorable one. We at LPR are committed to bringing independent and eclectic live music back to NYC and we will continue to navigate this ever-evolving situation and keep you all informed throughout.

Please review each show’s ticketing page for vaccination requirements; show-specific policies are included in the event description (see below).