LPR Interns Summer 2016 Playlist



Every semester, we ask our interns what they’re listening to. It’s the summer: there’s no class, no homework, and ample time to put a record on without any sort of distraction. We wanted to know what their go-to summer tunes were. Here’s what Ben, Tori, and Janice came up with.

Ben R.

“Fever” – The Cramps

Incredible take on an old classic, once classy and tastefully seductive, now oozing with a sexuality which should be reserved for those wanton nights occupied by behavior perhaps best characterized by the attire donned and dancing demonstrated by everyone’s favorite psychobillies in this live video. Welcome to summer

“The Sinking Feeling” – The The

One man band mastermind Matt Johnson warns, woes, and ironically polemicizes against Thatcher’s England over a killer bassline, synth riffs, and massive claps. highly danceable critiques of late Capitalism are perfect for a New York summer; yes please.

“Portrait of Tracy” – Jaco Pastorius

…yeah, I dare you to listen to this one without crying or at least shedding a tear. Jaco wrote this for his first wife; a solo bass love affair aimlessly floating around in the clouds invoking jazz scales, classical scales, and whatever other brilliance poured out of the mind of this genius. The subdued bassist’s version of Hendrix’s national anthem.

Tori P.

“North Dakota” – Hodera

I’m a sucker for the up-and-comers of NJ and Hodera grabbed my attention within seconds when I first saw them at a Benefit for Bernie show a few months ago. This session is recorded in a bedroom with one mic and it’s still captivating. The band also recently shared a cool Audiotree session that you can find on Spotify and Youtube.
“Covered In Chrome” – Violent Soho

Super late to jump on this bandwagon, but Violent Soho is awesome and their music videos each sell the story in such a creative way.

“but not often” – Microwave

This track follows one called “Thinking of you,” and it’s been apparent that the second part has all of the hype. Listen to both. And their album, Stovall. Microwave has brought a fresh energy to that early 2000’s alt/emo vibe many of us are all still shamelessly holding onto.

Janice J.

“Them Changes”- Thundercat

Discovered this at my last internship in London on one of their playlists. The guitar on this is absolutely mesmerizing. Have been obsessed with this song ever since!!!

“Bonbon”- Era Istrefi

This is an Albanian artist who I came across on Twitter because many thought her voice was a cross between Rihanna and some other artist who I can’t recall at the moment. Very poppy but also think its a very catchy and fun song. I love hearing her sing because the language is beautiful and the words seem to all flow together.

“Slipping Away” – Oslo Parks

Drums in the bridge are my favorite part, super bomb!

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cover photo by Andreea Waters