Read an interview with Harriet Stubbs + a review of her new album ‘Heaven and Hell: The Doors Of Perception’



Harriet Stubbs’ breakthrough classical album Heaven and Hell: The Doors Of Perception premiered last month. She’ll be hosting an album release party at LPR on October 30th, and you won’t want to miss it! Digital Journal gave the classical piano album a raving review, saying that:

“Harriet Stubbs takes her fans on a musical journey on her latest pristine studio offering, Heaven and Hell: The Doors Of Perception. There is something in it for everything, and Stubbs is able to introduce classical music to a younger generation of listeners.”

You can also read Digital Journal‘s interview with Stubbs, in which she speaks about the impact of technology on the music industry, Patti Smith and more. She also speaks about classical music’s place in the modern world, explaining that the music on her new album is:

“…An illumination of the synthesis between literature, classical music, and rock and roll and cleansing people’s perception of classical music.”

The breadth of the discussion in this interview reflects how universal her music is, so come and check it next Tuesday at LPR!

For a taste of what’s to come, check out the video below!