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Watch New Videos from S. Carey and White Hinterland



S. Carey and White Hinterland, who have new albums out April 1st on sister labels Jagjaguwar and Dead Oceans, respectively, are playing LPR on Wednesday, April 16. Both musicians also debuted stunning new music videos last week. Watch them below.
S. Carey (who also drums and backs up for Bon Iver) enlisted Joe Baughman to direct the video for “Fire-scene,” which will appear on his album Range of Light. Here are a few words about the video from Baughman:
“The video, without spoiling the freedom of interpretation, has so many natural juxtapositions of tone, color, shape, and space that I was easily able to make it suggest what I wanted it to suggest and more. The beauty of a song and video like “Fire-scene” is that the interpretations are endless and heavily reliant upon the viewer’s own thoughts and experience, thus exceeding the suggestions of the musician and the director”

White Hinterland, a.k.a. singer and songwriter Casey Dienel, tapped Dan Huiting to direct the video for “Ring The Bell” from her forthcoming LP Baby. It’s wintry theme is similar to “Fire-scene,” but it also features something that Carey’s video doesn’t: a massive wall of skulls that will surely send shivers down your spine.

Enjoyed these videos? Make sure you get your tickets for S. Carey and White Hinterland’s 4/16 show. It’s a great chance to catch two stellar acts in one night.
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