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Watch a video preview of Deru’s “1979” live show



We’re excited for composer/producer/sound designer Deru’s upcoming “1979” show at LPR on Saturday, July 25. Here’s a sneak peak of what the experience will be like:

“1979” began as a concept album, sculptural object and interactive website (for more on the project check out this feature/interview on the Creators Project blog), and now Deru (aka Benjamin Wynn) and collaborator EFFIXX (filmmaker and designer Anthony Ciannamea) are ready to treat you to the live version! Check out the poster for their 7/25 LPR show below, along with a few stills from their rehearsals (see more here).
Deru - 1979 poster
Deru - 1979 still
Deru - 1979 still
Deru - 1979 still
Deru - 1979 still
Get your tickets here for Deru Presents “1979” w/ EFFIXX on Saturday, July 25.
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