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Watch a short film about Lubomyr Melnyk’s remarkable piano music



Lubomyr Melnyk 
We’re very excited to welcome Ukrainian pianist and composer Lubomyr Melnyk to LPR’s stage this Saturday, May 23rd!
Starting with his 1978 debut album KMH: Piano Music in the Continuous Mode, Meylnyk has developed a reputation for his unique approach to the piano known as “continuous music.” He described it as “the classical technique advanced into a constant river of sounds” in a recent interview with The Quietus, adding, “This river of sound is often melodic but it has many faces. There are many characters in the river.”
For a more immersive take on Melnyk’s music, check out this short film produced by Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo last year:

And, for an idea of what you can except from a Lubomyr Melnyk concert, here’s another excerpt from that Quietus interview:
When performing live, how much of your music is planned or following prepared pieces?
LM: Well… each piece has themes and certain parts and sections that are there every time you do it and then there’s room for the musician to take off from that and develop it a bit. But not too much, because then you’re turning the piece into something else. But of course I never do the piece as exactly the same notes – you know we’re talking about a lot of notes! I mean for someone listening to it, even me listening to it in a very casual way, you would be able to say each time that it’s exactly the same. And yet I mean, of course there is going to be something somewhere [that is different], but there’s a small portion of freedom. You have to walk from this spot A to that spot B and it’s sort of a straight line but not completely straight, you sort of jiggle around a little bit.”

And, lastly, here’s a great video of Melnyk performing live in Hamburg earlier this year:

Lubomyr Melnyk plays LPR this Saturday 5/23. Get tickets here.
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