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Transcendent Moments in Music at LPR – Zan Emerson



Fucked up at LPR - photo by Adam Siegel

Fucked up at LPR – photo by Adam Siegel

After working here for the better part of LPR’s 5 years, I’ve seen more shows than I could ever count. To be honest, many of them blur together, be that because of strong bartender pours, the shear quantity, or time passed. But for all shows forgotten, there are a few that stand out as some of the most transcendent moments in music that I’ve ever experienced. Or at the very least, some of the most ridiculous and fun. Below is an incredibly incomprehensive list of these shows, and a constant reminder of how lucky I am to work in a field I love so much.
Fucked Up in-the round with Calder Quartet [video]
Olivia Tremor Control & The Music Tapes [video]
Liars [photos]
Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500
The Clean w/ Times New Viking
Mike Watt + J Mascis + Murph
Lightning Bolt & Pterodactyl
Gavin Bryars’ Sinking of the Titanic
Bitch Magnet & Moss Icon
Man Forever
Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour [video]
Max Richter & Ensemble LPR: Vivaldi Recomposed
Chris Knox Benefit w/ Jeff Mangum, Yo La Tengo, Portastatic, & more
Built to Spill
Iggy Pop [video]
The People’s Bailout w/ Guy Picciotto, Jeff Mangum, & more
The first time I saw Music for 18 Musicians
The time at Philip Glass’ 75th birthday when I got so drunk on red wine I puked (politely in the bathroom, of course)
by Zan Emerson