Tracks of the week: May 2nd – 6th



Our favorite tracks last week featured songs by Arum Rae, Carate Urio Orchestra, Rhys Chatham, Maxence Cyrin, and Hazmat Modine. Take a listen below:

Arum Rae “I Love Love”

Arum Rae dazzled us last week when she opened for French singer-songwriter, Lou Doillon.

Carate Urio Orchestra “Larvae”

Carate Urio Orchestra, alongside Jozef Dumoulin, Robin Verheyen, and B.O.A.T. will be celebrating the unique momentum in the Flemish and Belgian jazz scene with Gent Jazz Festival & Jazz Middelheim on May 25th. (details here)

Rhys Chatham “Die Donnergötter”

Avant-garde guitar legend & composer, Rhys Chatham, returns to LPR on May 30th with Tim Dahl & Kevin Shea. (details here)

Maxence Cyrin “Clubbed To Death”

French pianist, Maxence Cyrin, will bring classical interpretations of by The Pixies, Soundgarden, & more on June 3rd. (details here)

Hazmat Modine “Bahamut”

Hazmat Modine will celebrate the release of their latest album, Extra-Deluxe-Supreme (Barbès Records), on June 4th. (details here)

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