Tracks of the week: January 11th – January 15th



Our favorite tracks last week featured songs by Zuli, Crazy & The Brains, Invisible Familiars, Sarah Neufeld, and Aspects Of War. Take a listen below:
Zuli “Better Forget”

Zuli joins us for the 6th installment of On The Rise at LPR on January 25th (details here)
Crazy & The Brains “Let Me Go”

Crazy & The Brains celebrate the release of a new video with us on February 6th, Brett Davis & High Waisted open up the evening. (details here)
Invisible Familiars “Heavenly All”

Invisible Familiars join Zuli, Lazyeyes, and Coaches on January 25th (details here)
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld “Won’t Be A Thing To Become”

Colin Stetson below us away last week during his duet with legendary bassist Bill Laswell. Sarah Neufeld will celebrate the release of her newest album, “The Ridge” on April 15th (details here)
Aspects Of War “This Is Hell”

Aspects Of War will open up the evening for Death Side’s sold out show on April 17th (details here)

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