Tracks of the week: December 28th – January 1st



Our favorite tracks last week featured songs from Lisa Moore, Olga Scheps, Coaches, Julietta, and A Horse A Deer. Take a listen below:
Lisa Moore “Sliabh Beagh” (by Kate Moore)

Lisa Moore celebrates the release of her latest album, The Stone People, live at LPR on February 23rd (details here)
Olga Scheps “Vocalise, Op.34, No 14.”

Russian pianist, Olga Scheps takes the stage on February 2nd (details here)

Coaches “That Not This”

Coaches joins Lazyeyes, Zuli, and Invisible Familiars on January 25th for the 6th installment of On The Rise at LPR (details here)
Julietta “Goosebumps”

Julietta opens up the evening for Young Galaxy on January 28th, presented by PopGun (details here)
A Horse A Deer “Wild Side”

A Horse A Deer joins Not Blood Paint, Howth, and Language on January 11th for the 5th installment of On The Rise at LPR (details here)
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