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Top 10 LPR Shows – Jonathan Talley, LPR Production Manager/Director of Lighting



Steve Reich and Signal at LPR - photo by Dan MazuzIt has been an amazing five-year journey up to this point! We are all so proud of what we have accomplished and the shows we have hosted. Top 10 shows is almost impossible and I know I am missing some great ones. Some of my personal favorites:

MONO with Wordless Orchestra/Arvo Part – It was amazing to see Mono with a huge orchestra backing them up with such huge size and intensity. Almost more amazing was hearing Arvo Pärt performed in front of 700 jammed packed and standing in rapt attention. Mesmerizing.

Signal performing Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians – Seeing this performed in the middle of the room while a full house on every side of them was swept into the rhythms and sweeping music left us all speechless.

Atoms For Peace – Felt like my mind was blown by Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich.

Iggy Pop – He rocked the stage in all of his shirtless wonder. True legend.

Flying Lotus – He has got us moving so many times it’s hard to keep count.

Yoko Ono – She brought a living forest into LPR and then showed us how to sing with pure joy.

Boris – Stayed with us for two days and showed us how to rock and how to bring it back in for a completely different yet powerful experience the next night.

Lykke Li – She has shown us more than once how amazing a circular stage in the middle of the room can be.

Fucked Up with Calder Quartet – Playing David Comes to Life they got everyone to let loose and go nuts and The Calder Quartet brought us back in and grounded us with their string interludes.

Doveman – Intimate, beautiful music time and again.

text by Jonathan Talley