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Todd Sickafoose on his new composition “Bear Proof”



“I recently wrote a wordless, somewhat genreless, meditational epic entitled “Bear Proof” for an octet version of my band Tiny Resistors. Those who’ve heard it say “the experience is like watching a play” — it’s the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted to write.” The creation of “Bear Proof” was funded by a Chamber Music America grant so when the moment arrived to premiere the piece back in April 2014, we had time to stop everything, turn off the phones, and rehearse indulgently. We got way down under the skin of the music — collectively, Jenny Scheinman, Ben Goldberg, Kirk Knuffke, Rob Reich, Adam Levy, Erik Deutsch, and Allison Miller became the life of the piece. I am grateful to them for that experience and for the concerts (in Berkeley & Los Angeles) and recording sessions (at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley) that followed. Audiences seemed to react overwhelmingly and we kept improving. The record will be released in 2015. Since it was a scheduling miracle to get this crew together in the first place, I wasn’t convinced we’d be able to do it again. But luck prevailed and now I’m excited to announce the East Coast premiere performances of “Bear Proof” this December, with the original California band.


Todd Sickafoose’s Tiny Resistors will be at LPR to perform “Bear Proof” on December 14. Get your tickets here.


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