The Making of Son Lux’s “Plan The Escape”



Son Lux 
We’re big fans of the intricate compositions of Son Lux (aka Ryan Lott), who’s playing LPR on Tuesday, May 13, so naturally we were excited to see Lott post “Plan The Escape” (from last year’s Lanterns) on Soundcloud along with “some royal geekery about the song.” Listen to the track below and read his take on how it came together:
“I began ‘Plan The Escape’ years ago, while experimenting with a small fragment of a recording of traditional Maasai drumming. DM Stith came into the studio early on, and a couple short vocal phrases from his performance float in and out of the piece (he’s also the one singing the high falsetto at 3:40). The swelling, pseudo-orchestral sounds I made from from tiny bits of old recordings of Liszt and tremolo on tuned wine glasses. The bell-like instruments you hear are detuned gamelan, combined with up-tuned giant carillon samples. Listen to the strange quality of the background vocal on the verses (:42, 1:15, 1:51). I made those harmonies by “playing” them from the keyboard, triggering a recording of the lead part itself. One of the last things to come together on this was the melody and lyrics. Lily & Madeleine, who also appear on Lost It To Trying, sing with me. Finally, do you spot the Weapons melody?”

While you’re at it, stream Son Lux’s new Alternate Worlds EP and check out Yoni Wolf’s interview with Ryan Lott.
Son Lux plays LPR on 5/13 and Yoni Wolf is here on 5/22.
posted by John