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Stream Zammuto’s new album “Anchor” and watch new “IO” music video



After listening to a few tracks from Zammuto’s Anchor earlier this month, we knew the band’s new record would be a diverse and energetic affair. (Zammuto plays LPR on October 26, by the way.) Now the whole album is streaming over on NPR’s First Listen, and we highly recommend taking a dive into its multitudes, which have been aptly summed up by Andy Battaglia:
“Anchor flits around a great deal, sounding different with more or less every song. Elements of chilly, elegiac electronic music turn to wild-eyed prog-rock, with a yen for propulsion underlying the most assured-sounding highlights (“Need Some Sun,” “IO”). The range could be a signal of a songwriter still trying to find his way, or it could be the mark of a boundless mind — or, even more intriguing, some engagingly strange mix of both.”
Since our last post about Anchor, frontman Nick Zammuto has also shared a new video for “IO”. Drop whatever you’re doing and watch it right now. Why, you ask? Because it features a giant homemade catapult:

Like the many objects that sail through the air in this video, Anchor‘s songs hurdle at you at many different angles and trajectories, but they all originate from the same inventive and adventuresome source.
Don’t miss what will surely be an equally unique and enthralling live experience when Zammuto plays LPR on Sunday 10/26.
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