Stream Violens’ new LP “True” on SPIN



Violens‘ new release “True” was released today on Slumberland Records, and the good people at SPIN currently have the full LP available to stream! Head over to and take a listen, you won’t be disappointed! Elbrecht and Iddo Arad of Violens also sat down with SPIN to discuss the meanings behind some of these new songs, check out what they had to say below:

“Totally True”

Elbrecht: “That song is about being in some sort of relationship with someone who has a drug problem and is unfaithful, but the lyrics are pretty abstracted from that. It’s not really meant to clearly tell the story. I don’t think any of our songs are like that. But we were into this idea of having a chorus that was just one word. It’s a pretty classic kind of ’80s thing, but it’s also hard to come up with what word to say in the chorus and have this whole song be about this one word.”

“Der Microarc”

Elbrecht: “I collected sounds from horror movies. We went through a pretty laborious process of cutting out a lot of the ones that I wanted in there, but the rest of the band was like, ‘It’s too many weird chainsaw sounds.’ We pared it down to what’s there now. That’s my favorite part when we play it live.”

…to learn more about the meaning behind “True”, click here!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the release of “True” with Violens at LPR + openers Kuroma and The New Lines….join us, won’t you? (click here for more details)

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