Stream Missy Mazzoli’s new album “Vespers For A New Dark Age”



Missy MazzoliWe’ve already posted the album trailer and opening track from Missy Mazzoli’s Vespers For A New Dark Age, and now you can stream the entire album over at NPR’s First Listen!
On Thursday, May 7, Mazzoli will be teaming up with two other amazing acts, Glasser and Noveller, for an epic album release show at LPR.
Here’s a excerpt from Thomas Huizenga’s take on the album for NPR:
“Mazzoli’s Vespers is an ominous twist on an ancient musical and religious tradition — the evening Vesper prayer service observed in many Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran churches. A ‘distorted, wild, blasphemous take,’ Mazzoli says in the album booklet.
Constructed as a suite of eight connected pieces, Vespers aims high, questioning our connections to technology, death and God. Instead of sacred texts, Mazzoli turns to contemporary poet Matthew Zapruder for lines like: ‘hello lord / sorry I woke you / because my plans / are important to me / and I need things / no one can buy / and don’t even know / what they are / I know I belong / in this new dark age.’ Is it a plea from us, or from some computerized version of us?
Vestiges of old school vespers remain. Soprano voices, including Martha Cluver and Virginia Warnken Kelsey from Roomful of Teeth, soar to high registers, reaching upward as if beckoning for divine intervention. Mazzoli’s ensemble Victoire, cleverly orchestrated, provides settings both cinematic and intimate at once, while Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche adds evocative scrims of percussion and some thunderous pounding.”
Get your tickets for Missy Mazzoli’s 5/7 LPR show with Glasser and Noveller here.
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