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Staff Recommendations: The Alone Together Tour



The Alone Together Tour will doubtlessly be awesome. I know doing the solo thing is nothing new, but you have to admit that the phenomenon has enjoyed special vigor lately. For instance, I just saw Nat Baldwin play a solo set with just a double bass, and the kind of intimacy that set-up affords an artist is pretty cool to be see live. I’m really interested in seeing how the pared-down setup of artist, instrument, and audience works with Billy Martin’s drumming. I’ve always been a big fan of the stringers in Arcade Fire too, so to see Sarah Neufeld doing her thing alone should be great. If you haven’t watched the video she did with Vogue Italia, you really should. I also look forward to enjoying Gregory Rogove’s quasi-impressionist aesthetic. “Sunken Ships” reminds me of Satie, or of Gieseking playing Debussy in its plaintive, contemplative harmony, although the rhythm is more deliberate.
– Forrest Wu, blogger