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Staff Recommendations: Cyro Baptista & Beat the Donkey



Cyro Baptista
The first time I saw Cyro Baptista, he took a circular saw to a guitar. It was awesome. I was in an weird phase and following around a band I’m embarrassed to own up to, but needless to say it involved lots of alcohol and drugs that make people uncomfortably handsy. I’m pretty sure that moment shocked me out of that phase and made me start listening to good music again. Basically, Cyro is Brazillian music. But, it’s more of a party with music that’s so good you won’t realize how mind-blowingly complex it is until the third or fourth time through. It’s great on several levels. Baptista is a seasoned showman: funny, relatable (I’m pretty sure we were Facebook friends for a little while), and a virtuoso. His band is a collection of young, talented performers who look like they’re fun to hang out with. They probably randomly start drum circles at house parties. Higly recommended. -Michael Hanf, box office