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Staff Recommendation: Plastic Plates



Plastic Plates

Last summer, I folded clothes for extra cash at Uniqlo on Broadway. The music there maintains a basically trebly, upbeat attitude, consistent with a lot of big retailers. They do a good job of changing up the beats frequently, though, which leads me to this anecdote: I was wholly unaware of Adele at the time I worked there, and still don’t exactly consider myself an aficionado, but while working I was introduced to one track of hers via its Plastic Plates remix. No matter how pleasant, the soundtrack of clothing retail can drive a man to madness in its monotony — so I always looked forward to this track at work, which relies on funky, intricate rhythm over tedious subwoofer abuse to make its point. I can only imagine that Plastic Plates live (with Headband and Hooligan) would be just as fresh.

— Forrest Wu, blogger