Check out some of S. Carey’s Beautiful Instagram Photos



S. Carey - Range of Light 
We’ve previously shared a few tracks and videos from S. Carey, who just released the album Range of Light and plays here this Wednesday with White Hinterlands, but did you know that he’s also got quite an eye for beautiful scenery and other stunning images from nature? Over the past few weeks Carey has been posting photos on Instagram for each of Range of Light‘s nine tracks. Check out those shots below, along with five more of our favorites from his photo stream.
And while you’re at it, Range of Light is still available for streaming over at
1. ”Glass/film”:

2. ”Creaking”:

3. ”Crown the Pines”:

4. ”Fire-scene”:

5. ”Radiant”:

6. “Alpenglow”:

7. “Fleeting Light”:

8. “The Dome”:

9. “Neverending Fountain”:

And five more of our favorites:





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