Q&A with A Deer A Horse



Culture Collide said A Deer A Horse’s “authentic, energetic rock positions them among legends like Joan Jett and Patti Smith,” so naturally, we’re pumped for January 11th’s show. We asked Angela, Rebecca, and DT a few questions about the band so you, dear reader, know more before you take a listen.
Hi, there. Tell us a bit about yourselves! Where are you from, how’d you get here, how’d you start making music together?
Well, it’s a story, Rebecca and I (angela) bonded over our mutual mirth at seeing an upright bass player sadly push his instrument in the rain. It was hysterical! DT is a test tube drummer.
What’s your process like? Who writes the lyrics? Who writes the music?
We just watch The Shining over and over and over again, it’s our number 2 inspiration, our number 1 inspiration is mouthfeel (Rebecca writes the lyrics, Angela answers all the interview questions, DT eats his weight in food).

Frankly, we don’t see a lot of bassist-vocalists, especially ones with blue uprights! Angela, did you start as a singer? As a bassist? As something else?
Well, Le Poisson Rouge, it’s funny you ask, I began my life as the wee Michael Anthony, bassist for Van Halen, but they left me at a gas station in Nacogdoches after I refused to stop wearing ill fitting shirts and suspenders.
How did you guys settle on A Deer A Horse as your final band name?
We didn’t. Four years later and we still hate it. Can you guys help us think of something better, something like Nirvana, that has a nice ring?
You’ve just finished a tour with Howth and are about to perform with them again on January 11 at LPR. Tell us about some of your favorite bands to tour with or collaborate with. Are there any bands that you think our readers should keep an eye out for?
We only play with Howth, except when we don’t, we like Vomitface, Slothrust, Iced Ink, Pinegrove, Nuclear Moms, Ranch Ghost, and Toby Goodshank, but honestly, it’s only because they’re pretty.

Further to that, every band has their dream bill. What bands would you love to tour with or potentially see tour together? Are you itching to collaborate with anyone?
Only professional wrestlers, like Layne Staley, Marc Bolan, Kurdt Kobayn, Amy Winehouse, Harry Nilsson, Scott Weiland, Sugar Ray<--They're dead right?   You describe your band as “urgent rock.” Can you elaborate a bit about your sound?
It’s the sound of three young hosers going to hell.
Getting someone to laugh is usually a good way to end an interview. Do you have a good joke to share?
We only have our very depressing music to share, womp womp.
A Deer A Horse will perform live at LPR on January 11th as part of our On The Rise series, with Not Blood Paint, Howth, and Language. Tickets on sale here.