Q&A With Mike Odd, Manager of Mac Sabbath



In order to make sense of fast food-inspired heavy metal band, Mac Sabbath, we reached out to ask a few important questions. We learned members of the band prefer to remain elusive, but we had the pleasure of speaking to band manager, Mike Odd.

For those who don’t know, can you explain the story behind Mac Sabbath?

It’s actually very difficult to explain to anyone who has not seen it live.I had to see it for myself and I can’t explain how the less you know about what you are about to see the better. As a person that has thrown away there whole life to become there manager and bring to you the strangest act you might ever see, I would advise you to stop reading immediately and buy a ticket. If you still need more convincing the following is a spoiler alert! Mutated fast food mascots: Ronald Osbourne, Slayer MacCheeze, Grimalice and the Cat burglar playing parody Black Sabbath songs about the evils of a drive thru lifestyle.

What makes heavy metal a genre so ripe for comedy?

There is something about these characters that feel so Psychedelic and scary at the same time. The same with Black Sabbath. Whether you think that is funny or not, it’s darn entertaining!

The band’s lyrics certainly show the ugly side of fast food. Is there any message or social agenda that the band is hoping audiences take away?

Ronald has informed me that he has traveled through the time space continuum from the 1970’s to save us all from the current state of sustenance and Music. In this post 1984 regime we exist in, the new world order seems to have genetically modified entertainment as much as food. The crazed clown seems to want us all to know that the Monsanto sponsored radio hits and FDA approved drive thru poison are not our only options and to look further into improving your quality of life.

Any comment on New York State’s decision to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $15/hr?

Well of course, who would object to people who are consumed from the fast food industry from the inside out being paid more to do so. The one thing you have to realize is that when you support that (and you should) You also 100% need to be apposed to automation and the upcoming robot Rising. As one causes the other. This is not a joke and you don’t have to be a time traveler to see what’s shaping up here. As wages increase and technology advances these GMO moguls are replacing humans with robots. Just look at a certain Burger CEO that has been in the news lately and his views on automation and replacing human contact with machines. Young people seem to be the first ones to accept robots calmly into their lifestyles and are happy to have less human contact, but this first wave of robots will take ALL the jobs that young people can get. Everyday the film Idiocracy is becoming every bit as prophetic as 1984 but the robots from Terminator are very real and coming fast but what they plan to terminate is JOBS! Please join us in boycotting all the companies that use automation to replace the humans and are headed for Robot domination. If you must use these companies, chose a person over a machine when checking out. Make your opinions known that you will not accept robots. Research it and write about it. #robotresistance #banthebot

Are there any other characters from fast food folklore the band would like to collaborate with?

Ronald is having none to happy of a meal trying to choke down the likes of Burger King Diamond, Cinnabon Jovi and KFC/DC taking the food out of his mouth. The collaboration will no doubt be nothing less then an unholy battle of super size proportions.

Mac Sabbath play LPR March 29th as part of the Mockstrosity tour, alongside Metalachi and Okilly Dokilly.