Q&A: Haybaby talks about the underrated benefits of being in a small band, CMJ, ghost sadness and more



On Saturday, December 5th, LPR’s On The Rise series is back with a killer lineup featuring Haybaby, Great Caesar, and Stolen Jars. We caught up with Brooklyn-based Haybaby to chat a bit about their thoughts on living in New York City, what it means to be compared to The Breeders or Pavement, and the underrated benefits of being in a small band.
Oh, hello. How are you guys?
We are just great.
Tell us a bit about how you came together and started making music. Was your first meeting (or band practice) particularly noteworthy?
We all happened to be swallowed by the same whale, and during the weeks and months we spent in the belly of the mighty sea-beast we decided to start a kickass band.
What’s your favorite part of being in a small band?
It’s very easy to hide, for example behind a shrub or an armchair.

The Deli wrote that Haybaby is “vaguely reminiscent of The Breeders or, depending on the song, Pavement.” How would you describe your sound?
Sometimes sludgy, sometimes sweet. It’s like a toad singing about lost love. From a technical perspective I guess we’d be classified as a post-nap music-core band. Let’s throw the phrase “ghost sadness” in there too.
You guys really hustle around the city and perform countless shows each month. What’s performing in NYC like these days? Do you agree with Patti Smith’s sentiments New York has “closed itself off to the young and struggling?” How was CMJ for you?
Shows in NYC and everywhere differ wildly depending on where and when you play, but of course a rad bill will be a blast anywhere. But yeah, New York is probably less of a springboard for young bands now than it has been at times in the past. A lot of musicians in New York moved here because they saw bands coming out of Brooklyn and finding national success in the 2000’s, but, in part because of that very influx, the musical ecosystem in NY is different now from what it was then. CMJ was lame, as always, because its so dispersed and underattended. There are too many shows happening across the board at the same time that no one can see the shows they want.
Tell me a bit about your dream bill(s). Who do you think should tour together? Who are you itching to tour with?
Dream Bill: John Fahey/An Albatross/Ringo Starr + Paul McCartney + Kanye West supergroup/Theoretical Girls although if we could pick a band just to tour with it would be the yin yangs.

LPR’s On The Rise series was created to help further support local acts around NYC. Who have you guys seen recently that you’ve rather enjoyed and think our readers should check out?
PWR BTTM, Pawns, Parlor Walls, Dances, Lushes, Melt, Sodium Beast.
Not to make this about us but…have you seen any memorable shows at LPR?
I saw Four Tet there once
Tell us a joke.
Where does the king keep his armies?

In his sleevies!
Stop by on December 5th and catch Haybaby as they perform with Great Caesar and Stolen Jars, as part of LPR’s On The Rise series.
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