Q&A: BRAEVES dishes on secret talents, inspiration, wizards and, you guessed it, tacos



We’re excited to have Long Island indie rockers BRAEVES on the bill for the first installment of our new “On The Rise” series showcasing up-and-coming local talent—so excited, in fact, that we caught up with the quartet to ask them a few questions about their music and more. Check out what they had to say below and come see BRAEVES live at LPR on Tuesday, August 11 with New Myths and Parrot Dream!
Tell us a little about BRAEVES. How did you connect and start playing together?
Derek Tramont: Ryan and I have been playing together for about 13 years now, we’ve been life-mates for a while now to say the least… Tommy joined the band about 3 years ago and that’s how BRAEVES formed. Nick had joined the group after our first record ‘Drifting by Design’ and now we just play Mariokart and eat boats of sushi.
Describe your music in three words.
Vibrant – Triumphant – Cathartic

Tell us a little about the members of the band. Including secret nicknames or any weird pet peeves. Especially weird pet peeves.
Tom goes by Tim, sometimes we call him, sometimes he answers.
Ryan does an absolutely flawless impression of Little Finger from GOT as well as Severus Snape from Harry Potter.
Derek’s both the band mom and dad.
Nick plays in a cover band called Power Hour and they play 60 songs in 60 minutes and we’re unsure how he’s able to remember those Third Eye Blind, Miley Cyrus and Toto songs.
If you could be any song from the 80s, which would it be and why?
Making Flippy Floppy – The Talking Heads

Tell us a joke.
Estelle and Harold are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. When Harold returned home after his afternoon stroll, Estelle said “Harold, we’ve been married for 60 years and I Iove you very much, I’ve left you a gift upstairs in our bedroom.” Harold goes upstairs and enters his room to find a beautiful prostitute. “Who are you?” asked Harold. “My name is Candy” says the prostitute. “And i’m here to give you some SUPER SEX.” Harold looks at her for a moment and says “Ok, I’ll take the soup.”
What can people expect from your live performances?
Sweat, Salads, Soderbergh and Soda Bread.
What did you grow up listening to? Who inspires you most?
Ryan Colt Levy: Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, John Williams and Mel Brooks
Derek: The Police, The Talking Heads, Refused, The National
Thomas Killian McPhillips VII: Sade, Kendrick Lamar, Converge, Al Green
Nick LaFalce: Besides the obvious Beatles, Radiohead, etc. Video game music was a big influence on me growing up. I haven’t gotten a new system since the original Nintendo, but Zelda and Mega Man 2 especially have some of the best melodies I’ve ever heard to this day.
Who’s your favorite band performing around NYC these days?
Derek: Feathers + Eyes, Caveman, Animal Years
Nick: Paris Monster just had an awesome residency at Rockwood, because Josh Dion is a freak of nature that can sing and play drums AND keyboard all at the same time better than any of us can do any of them individually.
Favorite place to get tacos in New York?
Nick: Taqueria, Dorado, Dos Toros, there’s literally no way of choosing.
Convince us to come to your show in 140 characters or less:
If you haven’t seen a man in a princess Leia bikini riding a triceratops that shoots flames while singing the national anthem of all countries at once, then you should probably come hang out at our show, if you’re free.
On The Rise at LPR 
BRAEVES play LPR on Tuesday, August 11 with New Myths and Parrot Dream.