Q&A: Yoni Wolf of Why? talks touring, his podcast, Lorde & more



It hasn’t been that long since Yoni Wolf paid a visit to LPR, but we’re really psyched to have him back on our stage for the Why? show on Sunday, September 21. We caught up with Wolf a couple weeks ago to ask him a few questions about Why?, the amazing podcast that he launched last year, and more.
Why? also just released a new video for “Jonathan’s Hope” from their 2012 album
Mumps, Etc., so check that out below as well.
LPR: You played LPR on your solo tour back in May. What was it like to revisit material from earlier in your career?
Yoni Wolf: It’s been so much time since I wrote a lot of that material that I was able to look at it objectively as if it was written by someone else. It was a real kick to revisit it.
Is touring solo much different from being on the road with the band?
It’s a lot more mellow in terms of logistics. Just a couple guys in a rental car. I sell my own merch and interact with the concert goers more on the solo tours.
Got anything special planned for this upcoming tour?
Just to rock and be in the moment.
In just a year and a few months, you’ve racked up over 70 episodes of your podcast The Wandering Wolf. What’s that experience been like?
I love doing the podcast. I’ve gotten a lot better at listening intently and speaking clearly. I’ve got to meet some great folks and gotten to know some old friends on another level.
Yoni's dream interviewees
If you could do an episode of The Wandering Wolf with anyone—alive or dead—who would be in the running?

Bob Dylan, Andre 3000, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus.
There’s been talk about you collaborating with Lorde. How’s that coming?
Just recorded a song with her last week! And she’s a guest on THE WANDERING WOLF podcast!
What’s on the horizon for Why?
Your guess is as good as mine. The future will be clear when it is the present.
Check out the new Why? video for “Jonathan’s Hope” and listen to The Wandering Wolf podcast with Lorde below.


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