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Q&A: Glockabelle talks vocal influences, glockenspiel technique, Lydia Lunch & more



Glockabelle - photo by Nate Dorr 
We’ve got quite an array of exciting experimental musicians performing at LPR on Tuesday, September 29. Among them is Glockabelle, aka Annabelle Cazes, and we caught up with the bilingual, nimble-fingered French innovator to ask her a few questions about her musical influences, unique creative approach and more. Read on below and come see Glockabelle ft. Kid Millions 9/29 at LPR, along with Robert Poss, Brian Chase-Ron Anderson Duo, diNMachine and JOHN 3:16!
Tuesday, September 29 at LPRLPR: You sing in both French and English and perform on a relatively obscure instrument. What genre would you call your music? Which musicians have most inspired you?
Annabelle Cazes: I think my music might best fit in the art rock genre, but could also fit into experimental French pop or progressive rock. I think I’m most influenced by the vocal stylings of Lizzy Mercier Descloux, the French 1960s yé-yé pop singer Clothilde and the surf-rock tempos and shreds of Dick Dale.
Further to the above, why the glockenspiel? Do the sewing thimbles add anything special to your sound?
I started playing with thimbles because I didn’t have mallets. Being a pianist, it made sense to play the glock with my hands as if it were a keyboard. Thimbles enable me to play more than one note at a time and use the glock as a lead instrument.

A silly but important question: what is the most underrated emoji?
The shrimp! 🍤
Can you describe your performance style in three words?
Intense, playful, physical

How long have you been in NYC? Can you tell us a bit about the differences in performing her versus Paris, or elsewhere?
I’ve been back in NYC for 8 years now. There aren’t really any major differences in the cities that I’ve played… it really depends on the crowd that night. One of the major benefits of performing in France is that everyone understands what I’m singing about (which could be good or bad! haha). But at my last concert in Paris when I was wrapping up the tour with the Go! Team, I started to play my ‘Wolf BBQ’ song and so many people seemed to know it. They were singing along and dancing. It was an excellent night.
Glockabelle - photo by Pedro GiaquintoWe’re always on the lookout for new and upcoming artists around NYC. Have you seen any performances lately that struck you? Any bands our readers should pay attention to?
One of the more recent shows I saw was actually at LPR and it was Lydia Lunch with Tim Dahl, Weasel Walter and Bob Bert. The energy in the room that night was insane. I almost got into two arguments that night and I don’t even like to argue! It was as if some spell had been cast over the room until they blew all of us away!
Don’t miss Robert Poss, Glockabelle featuring Kid Millions, Brian Chase-Ron Anderson Duo, diNMachine and JOHN 3:16 on 9/29 at LPR.