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Q&A: Crushed Out share nicknames, inspirations, beaches & more



Crushed Out 
We’re excited to have Brooklyn electrified honky-tonk surf duo Crushed Out on our bill for the third installment of On The Rise at LPR on Wednesday, September 16! We caught up with husband-wife/bandmates Moselle Spiller and Franklin Hoier and asked them a few questions about Crushed Out’s music, creative chemistry and more fun stuff. Check out what they had to say below.
LPR: This is your 500th show! Can you tell us a bit about Crushed Out’s history, how you guys met,
Crushed Out’s Franklin Hoier: Moselle and I met in 2007 in Bushwick. We lived in the same apartment building. We started playing together based on a mutual love of dancey, joyous early rock & roll. We didn’t see that happening much in Brooklyn. Our first show together was as Frank & Mo in the McKibben Lofts in 2009. I had never experienced the thrill of rocking a party with an entire room dancing with you. That one dance party kicked off our band and we have been touring and releasing music ever since.
Do you guys have any weird nicknames for each other?
She calls me Frankie Feels and I call her Big Sweedia (pronounced like Big Freedia).
Describe your sound in three words.
Desert to Ocean.

Your album, TEETH, is described as “[an] ode to all the potential energy wrapped up in life, in the ocean, and in love.” Can you elaborate on this a bit?
We can’t really write the ‘baby done me wrong’ kind of song, as we are best friends happily married to each other. We tend to write about true love, ocean creatures, deserts, human behaviors, freedom, etc.
Further to the above, do you have a favorite beach?
So many. Ft Lauderdale, FL. Pensacola, FL. Manhattan Beach, CA. Fort Tilden, NY. As a 12 year old purple haired skater kid I would skate up and down the Strand of Manhattan Beach so maybe that is my favorite.
On The Rise is meant to showcase new talent around NYC. Who have you performed with recently that you think we ought to pay attention to?
We have so many rad artist friends in NYC. Feral Foster is always a favorite singer/performer of ours.
Tell us in 140 characters or less just why people should come out on September 16th.
We hope you will come because you need to dance to some rock&roll. Together we can always renew our spirits, break the tight bonds of worry, and give in to our joyous and wild side.
Come see Crushed Out with Shark? and Crazy & The Brains live at LPR on 9/16!