Q & A with Hugo White (of The Maccabees)



We caught up with Maccabees guitarist, Hugo White, in the midst of their US tour to talk about the new album, touring, and their upcoming gig here at LPR on June 9th.


Q: How was the making of Marks to Prove It different from your approach to previous albums?
A: We approached it in a much more direct fashion. At the early stages of writing we put a ban on using computers to write the demos as we did with ‘Given to the Wild’ , we wanted to focus on playing to our strengths as a band. We spent a huge amount of time all in one room with our instruments, working on the songs as a group in real time.



Q: What was it like working with producer Laurie Latham (credits include Echo & The Bunnymen, Squeeze & more)?
A: Laurie was a very welcome set of ears at a time we needed it. He came to the studio at the pre production stage for a week or so to help us with an outside perspective. He sat with us as we finalized arrangements however he did not remain involved in the production of the record. He’s a lovely guy whose opinion we trusted so it was an honor to have him around at that time.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about stopping in NYC when you’re on tour?
A: We have some good friends in NYC, so it’s always great to see them. NYC is the place to be, every visit remains as exciting as the last.


Q: If you could travel back in time to The Maccabees’ early days, what words of advice/encouragement would you give to your younger selves?
A: I feel pretty pleased with how we have managed stuff over the 10 or so years we have been together. I think it would be to have confidence in our abilities as a group and as individuals.

Q: What is behind the band name, do you have a particular interest in the history of The Maccabees?

A: No, no relevance there. Just a name!

Q: Your releases have frequently featured work by well-known British artist Andy Goldsworthy. What has attracted you to his art?
A: For Given to the Wild we one of his books at the studio, I think Orlando was initially drawn to his work. We felt it reflected a lot of themes we try to convey in our music.

(photo via Rowley Gallery)
A: Who are your main musical influences?
Q: It varies a huge amount depending on what band member you ask. We started the band because of our influence from bands like The Clash and The Beatles, The Band. They felt like real groups with a common goal between themselves, we saw that as inspiring.

Q: If you could put together a mega-bill of your favorite artists currently out right now, who would make the cut?
A: Bob Dylan, Jamie T, and Daniel Lanois


Q: What can we expect from your upcoming gig at LPR? Any surprises up your sleeves?
A: We will be playing songs across all 4 records. The new songs are really coming to life now at the live shows, there is also a new found life in some of our earlier work when put in context with the new.
The whole gang will be here on Tuesday, June 9th, for an intimate performance. Don’t miss out!
(details & tickets here)