PHOTOS: The Joy Formidable



The Joy Formidable played an intimate atypical set at LPR a few weeks back, playing just an acoustic set. If you missed it, Ross Bernardt of We All Want Someone to Shout For wrote a great article covering the event.

“Not every band can pull off a show (or tour) like this, but The Joy Formidable did it with ease. I think it would do more acts good to tour acoustically. It gives fans a different side of the band, lets the band provide a more intimate show, and also provides people with the opportunity to see groups in venues they normally wouldn’t have otherwise. Did I ever think I’d see The Joy Formidable play in a space like Le Poisson Rouge? Nope! But I’m glad that I did on a number of levels.”

Thank you for the kind words. Read the rest of the article for yourself, which includes the set list and photos from the evening.