Our Favorite Fliers: Macaulay Culkins iPod presents Fording the River: an Oregon Trail Adventure



Macaulay Culkin’s iPod is back this week, and Zan Emerson has put together yet another strange and wonderful flier for the event.

The apocalypse never quite came as predicted. The expectation was that the US would be destroyed, we’d be living hand to mouth, trying to cobble together carriages from the wreckage of New York, promised a better life somewhere to the west, where the apocalypse didn’t come down so strong. That didn’t happen. But we’re sticking with the theme. This month Macaulay Culkin’s iPod presents Fording the River: an Oregon Trail Adventure.

Hitch up your oxen, pack up the your belongings, and get ready to ford the river….we’re heading west. The trail is full of danger, wolverines eating newborns, puddle water filled with disease, potholes your oxen could break a leg in, patchwork yoke that threatens to loose your oxen into the unknown frontier. Dress in your frontier-finest and try not to get quarantined in the dysentery holding cell where your illness will be treated with profuse amounts of gin and tonic.

The world is a dangerous place from the modern frontiersman.

posted by Dustin