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Watch Gregory Porter’s new video for “The ‘In’ Crowd” and Listen to his Newport Jazz Festival set



Gregory Porter 
Captivating jazz vocalist Gregory Porter (who will be performing at Town Hall on February 14, 2015) recently debuted a new video for “The ‘In’ Crowd,” a song that appeared on last year’s Liquid Spirit, his much-lauded Blue Note Records debut.
Porter’s take on “The ‘In’ Crowd,” which was written by Billy Page and first recorded in 1964 by Dobie Gray, is a great example of his remarkably dynamic style, which effortlessly blends the old and the new.
“I laugh at the mix of people who show up at shows,” Porter told The Guardian. “I realise I have to give them all something – and something for all of them exists in me. There are songs that a 68-year-old grandma likes. And there are hard-hitting, more bass- and funk-infused things. That’s part of my vocabulary as well. And I don’t do them as a separate part of the show – they co-mingle and co-exist.”
Watch the new video, in which Porter breezes up and down the street in South London before ducking into a nightclub for some drinks, dancing, poker and more “in” crowd fun:

If you’re craving more Gregory Porter, head over the NPR Music to listen to his set at the Newport Jazz Festival this past weekend.
Tickets for Porter’s Town Hall concert on February 14, 2015 go on sale this Friday (8/8).
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