Q&A: Morningsiders talk tacos, pet peeves, musical influences and more



Morningsiders play LPR on 7/31 
We’re looking forward to NYC alt-folk group Morningsiders’ show at LPR on Friday, July 31, so we caught up with the quartet to ask them a few questions about their music and a whole lot more. Check out what they had to say below!
Tell us a little about Morningsiders. How did you guys connect and start playing together?
The band started off as a casual folk group playing parties at Columbia University. The name is inspired by Morningside Heights, the neighborhood Columbia calls home. We tried to focus on songwriting and storytelling using acoustic instruments. It was sort of the best – we got to play the music that inspired us, to our friends. It was really the support of those friends that led us to take the whole thing seriously. After graduating last year, the four of us came together that summer and decided that we really wanted to pursue this as a career. For almost a year now, we’ve been constantly rehearsing, recording (check out our EP “unfocus” which we put out in February!) and driving around the country.

Describe your music in three words.
Warm Neo-Folk
Tell us a little about the members of the band. Including secret nicknames or any weird pet peeves. Especially weird pet peeves.
Cody plays the dog-house[double bass]! He always cooks for us when rehearsal is at his house, so we try to rehearse there as much as possible. Names come and go, but “Codingus” has been pretty popular these past few months. Someone called him Codeyonce when he was obsessed with “Countdown.” His hat collection is on-point.
Reid is our resident fiddle-diva. He gives insane massages and can sing so high your dog will come running. He also loves to dance in a uniquely loud and exuberant style. If he doesn’t get his four o’clock nap, he turns into Nega-Reid, which is basically Reid except with glowing red eyes and a vengeful spirit.
Magnus plays guitar and wears floral shirts. He is still trying to shake his college nickname ‘Megamoose’ – it’s not gonna happen. He also drinks decaf coffee, which is gross and wrong.
David plays drums, or sometimes drum. No really, on the road he brings a floor tom drum, turns it sideways, and sits on top while playing both sides. Due to a childhood accident, he’s incapable of anger and smiles constantly.

Favorite place to get tacos in New York?
It used to be Rockaway Taco 🙁 They permanently closed. Magnus has strong opinions on this because he’s from Texas. Tacombi is definitely the spot though – the spiked horchata is pretty unreal. Cody has a stronger opinion on this, and he swears by Fatty Daddy Tacos.
Hands down, what’s the best concert you’ve ever seen?
Reid had the incredible opportunity to attend Obama’s 2012 inaugural ball. The concert featured huge acts including Alicia Keys, John Legend, Fun., and Sound Garden. Reid was really into these people. But when Stevie Wonder was announced, Reid started screaming and lost control of his limbs.
What’s your favorite 90s jam?
Cody says: “I bet I can guess each of your favorite 90s jams! Magnus, I pin you for listening to RHCP’s ‘Californication.’ Reid, I pin you for Mariah Carey’s hit from 1995, ‘Fantasy.’ Hmm, David…this is tough, maybe Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer?’ Yea?”
Reid says: “I do not know that song”
*Cody plays Reid Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy,’ expressing disbelief and slight reproach*
Reid: “nope, don’t know it”
Cody: “But I know you want to dance to it.”
Tell us a joke.
Three humpback whales walk into a bar. After a few gallons of whiskey each, the first says the second: “AAAAAUHOOOOOOOOOOAAAHHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAAAAAAA”
The second turns to him with a ruffled eyebrow: “OOOOOOAAAAuuuuuuuuuaaaaAAAAAA. AAAauuuuuooohohoooooooouuaaaaaa.” *Pffffffffff* ← blowhole sound
The third one, who has been watching his friends quizzically during their exchange, replies:
“Whoah, you guys are wasted”
What can people expect from your live performances?
Reid says, “acoustic instrumentation, hollering four-part harmonies, catchy songs, and David’s metronomic hair flips.” Cody emphasizes, “bring your mitt for the catchy songs.” *David flips hair*
What did you grow up listening to? Who inspires you most?
This will be different for all of us.
Reid grew up in a family of musicians and grew up in a family band that covered folk, bluegrass, and 60’s-pop (think The Beatles).
Magnus grew up listening to Weezer & RHCP, and more recently has been inspired by a book called House of Leaves.
Cody grew up on a farm, surrounded by cows moo’ing, horses whinny’ing & farting, a rooster cock-a-doodle-doo’ing, sheep bah’ing… etc,.
David is a recovering Aphex Twin addict.
Come see Morningsiders live at LPR with Bellehouse and Bonomo on Friday 7/31!
Morningsiders at LPR 7/31 
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