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Memorable Moments at LPR – Maria Narimanidze, Waitstaff



The past 4+ years I have spent working at LPR have been incredible. Challenging, astounding, bonding, and most of all, constantly changing.
The diversity of the musical line-ups, week to week, allowed me to explore things I would never discover on my own. Steve Reich’s haunting pieces, Doveman’s ethereal and intimate in-the-round shows, the always solid Freedom Party and the more eccentric gallery events are just a taste of what makes LPR the chameleon it is. As a friend recently put it: “It’s like having live music on shuffle.”
Some of the most memorable shows for me personally have happened in the past few months. Seeing Yo-Yo Ma’s collaboration with Lil’ Buck is hands-down one of my favorite memories of a live show. Having my mom meet Mr. Ma after the performance, and giddily report back to me that he’s “such a lovely man,” made it a surreal, lovely, and true NYC experience.

The second recent memory was having the Atoms for Peace DJ set. Expecting Nigel Godrich and Thom Yorke, huge names that they are, to be done out before the fans descended, it was a delight when Mr. Yorke continued on after his set. Spinning some of what I assumed were his personal favorites, like Prince and Howlin’ Wolf, he closed down the joint at 4am. And then stuck around for autographs.
For all these memories and countless more, I am grateful to LPR. For all of the personal memories I have shared with the staff—really family at this point—I am thankful and proud to have been a part of this crazy, thrilling, and incredible journey with you guys!
Happy 5th Anniversary!!!!
text by Maria Narimanidze