Macaulay Culkin’s Dinosaur Birthday Party



Macaulay Culkin's Dinosaur Birthday Party

Mack and Brett (Big) are bringing in J+R Music Whirled featuring Joey and Rory for a special DINOSAUR BIRTHDAY PARTY edition of Macaulay Culkin’s iPod on June 14th. What does that mean? Much like the party, it’s self explanatory. It’s a birthday party for dinosaurs.

Q: How does one dress for a dinosaur birthday party?
A: You dress up like a dinosaur or caveman going to a birthday party. Duh.

Q: Why would I do that?
A: Because there are going to be prizes and contests for everyone dressed as a dinosaur or caveman. Also, why wouldn’t you? It’s a dinosaur birthday party. You’re not above it.

Q: Can I show off my dinosaur or caveman birthday outfit before the party?
A: Yes, we’re having an Instagram contest for the best photo of someone creating their outfit. Tag @lprnyc and hashtag your photo #DinosaurParty and we’ll give out a killer prize for the best shot of someone getting ready for the party.

Q: What are the prizes for the Instagram contest and the contests at the party?
A: If you know too much beforehand, you won’t have any fun.

Q: What else is going on?
A: There will be face painting. If you don’t dress as a dinosaur or a caveman, you’re face will be painted like a happy dinosaur at a birthday party.

Q: Why is this a dinosaur birthday party?
A: Beacause it’s dinosaur’s birthday.

Q: Will there be appropriate food for dinosaurs?
A: There will be dry leaves for the herbivores and mammoth shanks for carnivores.*

* That’s not true, feel free to hunt weak members of a stray herd on the way to the party. **
** Don’t really hunt anyone. Eating people is bad. We don’t endorse it.

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