Word*Rock*& Sword: A Musical Celebration of Women’s Lives VII  Word*Rock*& Sword: A Musical Celebration of Women’s Lives VII 

with Word*Rock*& Sword: A Musical Celebration of Women’s Lives VII, Toshi Reagon, Nona Hendryx, Be Steadwell, Joan As Police Woman, Carolyn Malachi, Arooj Aftab, Mal Devisa, AllWomenAllTheTime & more

Sat September 23rd, 2017


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 6:00PM

Show Time: 7:00PM

Event Ticket: $20

Day of Show: $25

event description event description

This is a general admission, standing event.


Women’s March Resistance Revival Chorus
Nona Hendryx
Be Steadwell
Shelley Nicole
Karma Mayet 
MX Justin Vivian Bond
Amy Leon
Arroj Aftab
Carolyn Malachi
Judith Casselberry
Climbing PoeTree
Joan As Police Woman
Jadelle McPherson
Mal Devisa
Marcelle Davies Lashley

Backed by AllWomenAlltheTime band:

Alex Nolan
Allison MIller
Christelle Durandy
Ganessa James
Juliette Jones
Lyris Hung
Maya Kronfeld

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Word*Rock*& Sword: A Musical Celebration of Women’s Lives VIII

Word*Rock*&Sword official site | Word*Rock*&Sword on Twitter | Word*Rock*&Sword on Facebook

WRSVIII is an 8 day community festival founded and curated by Toshi Reagon. It takes place in venues in NYC. Anything goes, music venues, clubs, community centers, churches, parks, yoga studios, bars, museums and sometimes Toshi’s house. Each place a sanctuary to be in conversation with each other.

Toshi Reagon started the festival with the intention of, “responding creatively, showing our lives, our work, our activism and our talent. We struggle in a political climate that still tolerates and actively encourages systemic discrimination against women–from the workplace to the doctor’s office. We witness Congressional attacks on funding for Planned Parenthood; the harassment and murder of abortion providers; the denial of access to affordable health care; the constant vulnerability of women and girls to violence and sexual abuse; the daily struggle of women to hold families together in our ailing economy. We will come together to share our gifts and focus our intentions for the 21 Century.”

The festival’s flagship event is the capstone concert on September 22, 2018 at Le Poisson Rouge. Over 20 musicians and artists will come together to share their gifts and celebrate women’s lives. Artists confirmed to perform include Reagon herself, Morley, Tamar-kali, Be Steadwell, Joan As Police Woman and many more.

Word*Rock*& Sword: A Musical Celebration of Women’s Lives VII

Toshi Reagon

Toshi Reagon official site | Toshi Reagon on Twitter | Toshi Reagon on Facebook | Toshi Reagon on Instagram
Described by Vibe magazine as “one helluva rock’n’roller-coaster ride” and by Pop Matters as “a treasure waiting to be found,” Toshi Reagon is a one-woman celebration of all that’s dynamic, progressive and uplifting in American music. Since first taking to the stage at age 17, this versatile singer-songwriter-guitarist has moved audiences of all kinds with her big hearted, hold-nothing-back approach to rock, blues, R&B, country, folk, spirituals and funk. The New York Times described her blend as “…a love of mixing things up…[her] vocal style ranges from a dirty blues moan to a gospel shout to an ethereal croon.” Her live performances, in particular, aren’t just accessible; they’re irresistible. And Toshi Reagon loves her audiences. Leading her renowned band–BIGLovely, launched in 1996–she instantly connects, inspires and empowers.
Photo credit: JOMOTO/Molly Rubin and Tony DiPietro

Nona Hendryx

If Labelle fans grieved the end of an era, Nona Hendryx fans would welcome a new one as the revolutionary art-rock, new-wave goddess embarked upon her own impressive solo career, which spanned eight studio albums and engaged her with an impressive line up of collaborators (from Prince, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, Vernon Reid of Living Color, AfrikaBambata, Bono and the soul influenced funk band Cameo), resulting in several top ten hits and a Grammy nomination (“Rock This House,” from her album The Heat, 1985, with Keith Richards on guitar).
(read full bio here_
Nona Hendryx official site

Be Steadwell

Be Steadwell: With roots in jazz vocals, acapella and folk-Be composes a soulful blend of genres in what she calls queerpop. In her live performances, she utilizes loop pedal vocal layering and beat boxing to compose her songs on stage.Be Steadwell is a songwriter from Washington DC. Redefining the love song in a modern context-Be’s lyrics focus on love and resistance between women.

Be Steadwell official site
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Be Steadwell on Soundcloud
Be Steadwell on Bandcamp

Joan As Police Woman

Joan As Police Woman official site | Joan As Police Woman on Facebook | Joan As Police Woman on Twitter | Joan As Police Woman on Instagram | Joan As Police Woman on YouTube

Joan as Police Woman (Joan Wasser) is a world-renowned recording artist, songwriter, performer, producer and multi-talented instrumentalist. First trained as a classical violinist, Wasser was influenced by the music of Jimi Hendrix, Siouxie and the Banshees, Nina Simone, and Black Flag. She went on to perform in a number of alternative rock bands including The Dambuilders, Those Bastard Souls, and Helium. Throughout the early 2000s, Wasser went on to collaborate with artists including John Cale, Lou Reed, David Sylvian, Antony & The Johnsons, and Rufus Wainwright, several of whom went on to be featured on her own records. In 2002, Wasser formed Joan as Police Woman, and her debut album Real Life was released in 2006 to great acclaim. Pitchfork celebrates her songs that “remind us of a time when pop tunes wound up in jazz clubs without losing anything in translation.” She recently returned from an extensive European tour for her 6th studio album, Let it Be You, a collaboration with Benjamin Lazar Davis. Tonight Wasser will play songs from her upcoming unreleased album and is joined by Parker Kindred, Ben Perowsky, Oren Bloedow, Jared Samuel and Thomas Bartlett.

“Soulful adventurism – a voice so wondrous and moving it makes everyone else’s seem ordinary and mundane” THE GUARDIAN

“Ravishing and lovelorn” MOJO

“The coolest woman in pop” THE TIMES

Carolyn Malachi

Carolyn Malachi, the Grammy-nominated songstress hailing from Washington, DC, is a shining example of how music truly is universal. Her vocal talents, breathtaking live performances, and songwriting acumen have served international audiences and wowed music lovers in South Africa, China, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Haiti, Barbados and beyond. Generating global excitement about American art and delighting local cultures are the just a few of the qualities that, according to MTV, make her “An R&B artist to obsess over.”

Arooj Aftab

Arooj Aftab on Facebook |Arooj Aftab on Twitter | Arooj Aftab on Instagram | Arooj Aftab on Bandcamp

Arooj Aftab processes the Sufi tradition through an open-minded approach to sonic matter, reminiscent of jazz improvisation, and a contemporary production that does not shy away from incorporating subtle electronic undertones.

With this method, the Lahore-born, Brooklyn-based artist completely reworks classical Pakistani and North Indian forms, like thumri, khayal, and kafi. With those broad inspirations, she creates a fascinating mix of sounds and cultures.

Aftab’s debut album, “Bird Under Water“, dazzles with detailed arrangements and mesmerizing ambience. The music floats through the air with a particular kind of lightness and poise. Feel its elegant movement and let yourself sink in.

Mal Devisa



AllWomenAlltheTime is Allison Miller, Alex Nolan, Juliette Jones, Lyris Hung, Christelle Durandy, Ganessa James



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