Wolf Eyes Residency with Gretchen Gonzales and Aaron Dilloway Wolf Eyes Residency with Gretchen Gonzales and Aaron Dilloway

with Universal Eyes, Twig Harper & Humanbeast

Thu January 31st, 2019


Brooklyn Bazaar

Minimum Age: All Ages

Doors Open: 7:30PM

Show Time: 8:30PM

Event Ticket: $15

Day of Show: $17

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This is a general admission event at Brooklyn Bazaar: 150 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222


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Wolf Eyes Residency with Gretchen Gonzales and Aaron Dilloway

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Nathan Young & John Olson, aka N.G Young and John R. Spykes, have been ceaseless in the scouring of the audio universe for nearly 25 years, the majority of them shared side by side as Wolf Eyes. As a band and visual artists the band released over 400 recordings in editions from one to one thousand, and also countless paintings, drawings, fliers, and hand made records to make the chapters in the Wolf Eyes document book nearly insurmountable.

On New Years Day of 2018, the band stripped down to a duo and made a goal to collaborate with as many other musicians, dancers, and artists as were readily available world wide. Aaron Dilloway and Gretchen Gonzales joined in on this sonic adventure and pumped new blood into the “Dread” era line up of Wolf Eyes, but the collaborations also revived another ancient Michigan Progressive stalwart Universal Indians, reborn in 2018 as U.Eyes ne: Universal Eyes.
As the year comes to a conclusion, the band has performed with 50+ individuals across the artist spectrum in a global scope.

nable to stop with just the performances, N. G Young & John R. Spykes in between tours in the dead of summer, the duo took the collaboration further to doing a series of shared paintings and drawings in editions of 1 to 9, each with accompanying unique audio track created for that particular image series, never to be performed or released again. In essence, besides being a complete collaborative experience, each painting/ audio was a miniature key into the full Wolf Eyes experience that you yourself are lone occupant.

With the New Year approaching, the duo is loaded and ready for another full year of relentless visual and audio activity, with solo records and tours by each members along with the fleshing out of the audio seeds that were stow in the busy year that was 2018. Always the same, always different, always forward from soul to mind.

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