Ward 6 Ward 6

with DJs Father Jeff, Jose, & Wren

Fri March 21st, 2014


The Gallery

Minimum Age: 21+

Doors Open: 10:00PM

Show Time: 10:00PM

Event Ticket: $7

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This is a general admission event in The Gallery at LPR.

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Ward 6

Father Jeff started Ward 6 at a time when there was no weekly dance night. WARD 6 started on September 8th, 1990, a weekly Saturday night, at a small club which lacked the proper licenses, at the corner of Leroy Street and Seventh Avenue South. The police raided it a few times and put the patrons against the wall in the tiny dance room. Eventually, the cops took a chainsaw to the bar and physically took a part of it away. On March 16th, 1991, WARD 6 moved to the Michael Todd Room at the Palladium. Opening night had over a thousand people. In the fall of 1991, the party relocated to 16 West 22nd Street, at the lower level of the Cadillac Bar. After New Year’s WARD 6 moved below a restaurant at 31 Union Square West. The space had a huge fish aquarium.
After a couple of months WARD 6 moved to the Bank in the beginning of 1992. Opening night was packed. At this time Father Jeff had been the only DJ at WARD 6.
On the first Saturday of November 1992 he brought in DJ Patrick and he spun Gothic Rock and Post-Punk. He was perfect for the night and he stayed with WARD 6 at the Bank. He was the only DJ to spin on a regular basis with Father Jeff and he became a resident DJ and important part of WARD 6.
Ward 6 was the very first successful night at the Bank in NYC and was the start of the Goth/Industrial/New Wave/Synthpop scene at the Bank. It ran from 1992 to 1994 with DJ Father Jeff spinning New Wave, Alternative, Industrial, EBM, Goth and Synthpop upstairs and DJ Patrick spinning Gothic Rock and Post-Punk downstairs.
WARD 6 is named after Anton Checkov’s short novel. The car for WARD 6 was a 1967 Cadillac Hearse.

DJs Father Jeff, Jose, & Wren

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