with special guest DJ Theocrazy, DJ Ivan Rodriguez & Brett Tabisel

Thu May 23rd, 2013


The Gallery

Minimum Age: 21+

Doors Open: 10:00PM

Show Time: 10:00PM

Event Ticket: $2

event description event description

This is a general admission event in The Gallery at LPR.

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THUNDER is legend. The party has existed for years as a “you-had-to-know-about-it-already-to-be-there” after hours underground rock-n-roll party, run from the dirt floors of Brett’s Basement. For a party to remain a well-guarded secret like THUNDER, over the course of nearly a decade, is unprecedented in New York.
THUNDER has a folklore of its own, passed between partygoers, promoters, groupies, and the easily awestricken; stories too good to share with just anyone, too raunchy to be printed, too strange to doubt their authenticity, and too nasty to have come from any party but THUNDER.
Now, the party is going public.
THUNDER founders Herbert Holler (The Freedom Party), Iván Rodriguez (Nasty Mondays), Alcorn Minor (Bounce), and Brett Tabisel (Macaulay Culkin’s iPod) are bringing the city’s dirtiest rock-n-roll party to the basement at LPR. THUNDER, never before thrown in a public space, will retain everything that created the mystique of New York’s most talked about party: The clowns, the guest DJs, the bar-top dancing, the keg in the middle of the room, the only-in-New-York-City vibe. THUNDER is coming out from the shadows and into a whole new era.
You’ve saw three people sport the THUNDER lapel pin at the red carpet this year, the THUNDER tattoo on one of the NBA’s hottest young stars, runway models making the THUNDER hand sign during fashion week, and the hand-written THUNDER flier in the background of one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters. Now you can see what THUNDER is all about. And unlike the trailer for a Kevin James movie, THUNDER hasn’t shown you all it’s good parts yet.

special guest DJ Theocrazy

DJ THEOCRAZY is Theo Stockman, a NY-based actor who has worked on Broadway and Off, as well as in television and films. He DJs regularly at Dream Baby in the East Village, and has also spun at Black & White bar, Niagara, Don Hill’s, Bowery Electric, Crash Mansion, Glasslands, Cameo Gallery, and with the Mondo Indie Dance Party. GABBA GABBA HEY

DJ Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez has been behind the decks for almost two decades. His eclectic selection will make you pass from RATM to Dolly Parton without noticing that Tame Impala was in the middle. As an all terrain selector he likes his drinks cold and his music as loud as it can get without worrying if it is in tapes, vinyl or the forgotten nineties music savior support best known as cd. Whatever. Quality sound freaks, pseudo digital noise geeks and music lovers: it doesn’t really matter because the only thing you should care about when you go to a party is having fun. Shaking dance floors all over the world, from the 90s Spanish indie temple, El fantasma de los ojos azules to Nasty Mondays NYC, has given him some perspective and a great deal of training in the art of tasting elements. Artist, writer, musician and founder of congregations that became part of the secret society of urban legends (if you were there, no one would believe you) like Radio Manolo, Paulina Cupana or Thunder, his different alter egos makes it difficult to track him. If you find a party where he is performing, don’t miss it, could be the only chance you have in a lifetime.
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photo credits: Olga Sophie Kauppinen, Ivan Rodriguez Faba
Poster art: Ivan Rodriguez Faba

Brett Tabisel

Brett Tabisel is not only the world’s first TONY-nominated bartender but is also one of the most infamous party-starters on Bleecker Street between Thompson and Sullivan. He is the brilliant mind behind the legendary and game-changing parties “Macaulay Culkin’s iPod” and “Flashy & Trashy.” When Brett isn’t busy inflicting hangovers on innocent bystanders, he enjoys long walks along the Gowanus and listening to unknown singer-songwriters by candlelight.

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