LPR Presents at Good Room: Psychic Twin, Visuals & Mmeadows LPR Presents at Good Room: Psychic Twin, Visuals & Mmeadows

Thu January 19th, 2017


Good Room

Minimum Age: 21+

Doors Open: 7:30PM

Show Time: 8:30PM

Event Ticket: $10

Day of Show: $12

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**This is a general admission event at Good Room (Main Room): 98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222**

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Psychic Twin

Psychic Twin on Bandcamp | Psychic Twin on Twitter | Psychic Twin on Instagram

In dreams, we rarely know what we are running from or toward. We only know we must keep running, continue searching. Psychic Twin’s debut album, Strange Diary, lives in that state of surreal urgency. What’s in front of us or behind us can’t be described, but we are sure in our bones that what we are searching for exists just a few steps away. These songs are “dreamlike” in a more fundamental sense than that overused descriptor implies. They reflect the emotionally arduous and unpredictable journey that singer, songwriter, and composer Erin Fein took to creating them.

The making of Strange Diary spans four years and two states. Fein began writing and composing solo material in Champaign-Urbana, Ill. amid the dissolution of her marriage. Following the divorce, she relocated to Brooklyn, N.Y. and continued to write and record-despite lineup changes and the lonely disorientation that comes from shedding an old life and starting over. The album contains songs written before, during, and after the divorce, from both New York and Illinois. The subject of each song is an unnamed “you,” who she alternately pleads with and flees from. “These songs are 100% a diary of my life over the last four years,” says Fein.

Today, Psychic Twin’s evolution includes drummer Rosana Caban and Fein’s absorption of several sources of inspiration. While rooted in the avant pop of The Cocteau Twins, Siousxie, and Annie Lennox, contemporary production flourishes lend each song the clarity and buoyancy of contemporary pop. The music balances languid, dark melodies and atmosphere with propulsive rhythms and soaring vocal lines. It’s beautiful and catchy. It’s like the sound of someone reaching the end of that dream, finding what they’ve been searching for through all the haze.


VISUALS official site | VISUALS on Facebook | VISUALS on Soundcloud | VISUALS on Twitter | VISUALS on Instagram |

VISUALS is Andrew Fox, a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer from New York City.

Fox began crafting the songs that would become VISUALS in 2012. A long-standing working relationship with Dave Harrington, Nicolas Jaar’s partner in DARKSIDE, led to VISUALS joining Jaar’s Other People crew and releasing an acclaimed self-titled debut EP.

In October 2013, Fox swapped Brooklyn for Berlin and left behind a studio full of gear, finding freedom in the limitation of a laptop.  Working with his voice as a primary instrument led to an intensified focus on melody, and opened moods previously inaccessible. 

Whilst the dominance of house and techno in Berlin’s club scene has undoubtedly influenced his music, Fox also consciously counters that, balancing his recent work with some unmistakably American indie traits. He has honed a new sound, combining aspects of traditional songwriting and structure within this electronic context. His gift for memorable hooks and compelling melody remains the focus, with dance floor arrangements and sounds providing endless new possibilities.


MMEADOWS on Soundcloud | MMEADOWS on Facebook | MMEADOWS on Instagram

When they first met, Kristin Slipp and Cole Kamen-Green were 18 and 19, respectively. One of was from a dead-end street in a small town in rural Maine. The other had spent a childhood splitting time Manhattan and Ossining, NY. The two met in Boston when they joined a band called Cuddle Magic, a chamber pop band that was recently called pop music’s. “best-kept secret.”

Like Cuddle Magic, Slipp and Kamen-Green initially kept their new project a secret to everyone, including their closest friends. They got together at night in a pagoda-style mansion in South Brooklyn where Kristin lived in the attic, and for a year chipped away at a body of work, much of which would eventually become their new release. The quasi-clandestine nature and dark setting of these midnight meetings found its way into the music, resulting in a distinct sound that features undulating low frequencies combined with ecstatic vocal melodies, sizzling analog synthesizers, and a multitude of sounds that feel esoteric yet vaguely familiar.

Together and separately, the two have written and recorded with Beyonce, performed with Cyndi Lauper and Kimbra, soloed with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, run marathons, caught fish, made beats with Yuka C. Honda, crashed weddings, performed Music for 18 Musicians under direction of the composer, gone to raves, sung a concert of unaccompanied music for four voices at Carnegie Hall, been accidentally baptized, swum in the Hudson, toured around the U.S. and Europe, taught underprivileged kids to be producers, and lent their musicianship to a hundred different albums. Today, Kristin and Cole are MMEADOWS.

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