LPR Presents at Union Pool: Official Northside Warm-up with Pavo Pavo, Steady Sun (record release) & Corbu LPR Presents at Union Pool: Official Northside Warm-up with Pavo Pavo, Steady Sun (record release) & Corbu

Wed June 7th, 2017


Union Pool

Minimum Age: 21+

Doors Open: 8:00PM

Show Time: 8:30PM

Event Ticket: $12

Day of Show: $14

event description event description

This is a general admission event at Union Pool: 484 Union Ave, Brooklyn 11211

the artists the artists

Pavo Pavo

Pavo Pavo on Facebook | Pavo Pavo on Twitter

Pavo Pavo is an experimental pop band from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut record, Young Narrator in the Breakers, will be released on Bella Union in November 2016. The band started writing together while studying music at Yale, and since then its five members have worked closely with indie and classical heavyweights such as Here We Go Magic, Roomful of Teeth, Dave Longstreth, and San Fermin. Stereogum describes their music as “weightless pop that sounds like it was beamed down from a utopian future”

Young Narrator in the Breakers walks through its songs with symphonic elegance – guitar stabs, washed out harmonies, and rumbling synthesizers come and go like guests at a party. The record describes the magic and panic of adult life; a breaker is a wave whose potential energy is being transformed into turbulent kinetic energy. Co-produced by Danny Molad (Lucius) and Sam Cohen (Yellowbirds), it is a romantic record in the tradition of Elephant 6, and a cohesive record in the tradition of Grizzly Bear. Introducing: Pavo Pavo.

Steady Sun

Steady Sun on Facebook | Steady Sun on Bandcamp

Sewn with patterns of obsessive composition and stitched together with threads of psychedelia, Steady Sun’s cohesion comes out of eclecticism and history. Originally formed in 2011 by Dylan Nowik and Andrew Emge around an evolving lineup, the outfit was firmly resolved with lifelong musical collaborators Rowan Brind and Pete Victor-Gasper, and was later joined by Paul Truitt, an alchemical outcome of the living space Steady Sun had been sharing. Their third LP, largely recorded in Ridgewood, Queens, marks a large evolution from the band’s first effort, recorded by Nowik “in two bedrooms along the Hudson River, exactly 100 miles apart”. On this ambitious long-player, Steady Sun furthers their unabashedly unique and macrocosmic signature.


Corbu official site | Corbu on Facebook | Corbu on Soundcloud | Corbu on Instagram | Corbu on YouTube

“Dreams are really important to me. I think the world you experience when you’re dreaming is physically real, in some way. I don’t understand it at all, but I’ve had enough intense experiences to justify that belief. For me, it’s a sort of parallel reality to our normal, waking consciousness – one where time doesn’t exist and dead relatives can hang out with you. Whenever I’m making art or music, I feel like I’m trying to reach over into that place and bring some of it back into this one.” – Jonathan Graves, Corbu

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