The 18th Annual NYC In C The 18th Annual NYC In C

Sun September 25th, 2022


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 7:00PM

Show Time: 8:00PM

Event Ticket: $20-$40

Day of Show: $25-$45

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Terry Riley’s 1964 Minimalist Masterpiece is once again heard at LPR in a celebrated rendition

Emerging from the legendary Darmstadt concert series, this yearly performance of Terry Riley’s In C—ongoing since 2005—has become a New York City tradition. At once completely faithful to Riley’s original score, and yet “the most vital, audacious and energizing…ever heard” (New York Times), curator-musicians Nick Hallett, Zach Layton, and (new team member) Gelsey Bell have assembled a distinguished group to improvise with Riley’s identifiable, interlocking melodic patterns. Guitarists, electronic musicians, orchestral instrumentalists, and a bevy of voices strut in step to the propulsive backbeat of a single drummer.

Unprecedented in design, Terry Riley’s In C, made a radical impact on contemporary music at its 1964 premiere, influencing a generation of composers and paving the way for Minimalism. Its performers are tasked with repeating 53 short melodies through endless combinations, resulting in a hypnotic tapestry of sound. No two performances are the same. New York City’s longest-running annual performance gives audiences a chance to revel in Riley’s riotous cacophony.

Performers include: Lesley Mok, Drums; John King, Electric Guitar; Clara Latham, Electric Guitar; Ava Mendoza, Electric Guitar; Ken Filiano, Bass; Zach Layton, 17-String Bass; eddy kwon, Violin; Laura Ortman, Violin; Jessica Pavone, Viola; Ethan Philbrick, Cello; Alex Waterman, Cello; gamin, Piri; Darius Jones, Saxophone; Erin Rogers, Saxophone; Jonathan Finlayson, Trumpet; Jen Baker, Trombone; Anthony Coleman, Keyboard; Miguel Frasconi, Electronics; Aviva Jaye, Celtic harp; Kaoru Watanabe, Japanese Flute; Sara Schoenbeck, Bassoon; Gelsey Bell, Voice; Nick Hallett, Voice; Kyoko Kitamura, Voice; Raquel Klein, Voice; Fay Victor, Voice; Bora Yoon, Voice. Lineup is subject to change.

Ticketing Policy

Proof of vax is NOT required for this event

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