Ky-Mani Marley Ky-Mani Marley

with special guest: Matisyahu, DJ Gravy and Micro Don & presented by House of Marley, Okayplayer, and LargeUp

Mon June 29th, 2015


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 7:00PM

Show Time: 8:00PM

Event Ticket: $15

Day of Show: $20

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presented by House of Marley, Okayplayer, and Largeup
This is a general admission, standing event.
This event will be streamed live online through LPR’s streaming channel, beginning at 8pm.

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Ky-Mani Marley

The Marley surname perpetuates Jamaican royalty, resonates world-wide recognition and represents the pioneer of a cultural, political and social revolution. Reggae Icon and Legend Bob Marley blessed the world with his timeless, brilliant and message filled sound which continues to inspire and influence audiences today. With such a living past, Bob Marley’s conviction and passion for music unintentionally was passed to the lives of his offspring and has allowed the Marley name to remain relevant amongst the hierarchy of the reggae sound. Son of “Bob Marley” Bob Marley and “Table tennis” table tennis champion Anita Belnavis, .Ky-mani Marley is the second youngest of Bob Marley’s eleven children. While bearing the Marley name, Ky-mani’s childhood told a different story. Born in Falmouth, Trelawney, settling in Miami at the age of 7, Ky-mani was raised in the inner-city in a 2 bedroom home along with 8 family members. Being exposed to an urban lifestyle, Ky-mani adopted the attitude that all people are equal – no one is above or beneath him. This attitude has become the motto for the way he lives his life today. Humble. Soft-Spoken. Sincere. Loyal. Honest. Genuine. These are the makings of Ky-mani Marley. As a child Ky-mani had no interest following in the footsteps of his world-famous father and was more inclined to play sports. However, the seed that was planted by Bob’s legacy sprouted in 1997 when Ky-mani teamed up with hip hop artist Pras of The Fugees and collaborated on Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue”. This would be the defining moment in Ky-mani’s journey which would lead him to pick up the torch his iconic father lit so many years ago. Remaining true to his Jamaican culture, Ky-mani’s fondness for all genres of music influences the work he creates. Ky-mani is an artist with no limits. Incorporating world music, hip hop, blues, rock and a grass roots sound into his music, the end product is the pure representation of life for Ky-mani. The Ky-mani Marley sound is one that transcends cultural lines and prohibits him from being categorized as only a reggae artist. His raw, unadulterated, gruff sound captures the listener and reverberates the essence of Ky-mani’s life story. Songs such as “Dear Dad”, “I Pray”, “Ghetto Soldier” display the versatility and fiery-passion Ky-mani exudes when sharing his voyage through song. Peace. One Love. Unity. Street Life. These are the makings of Kymani Marley’s music. In 2002, Ky-mani starred as the character Kassa in One Love. Amongst film festivals and critics this film is another masterpiece in the Ky-mani Marley collection, it was released in theaters throughout the Caribbean and Europe. In addition, Ky-mani is set to reprise his lead role in Shottas II.
Subsequent the release of his album Radio in September 2007, Ky-mani has been on tour with Van Halen and done all major festivals in Europe and South America during 2008.
His television credits include: BET J – Living the Life of Marley; NBC/Telemundo – The Shuffle; Fox – Happy Hour with Cody Willard and Rebecca Gomez, Music Choice, MTV Jams and VH1 Soul to name a few. With a new energy and revitalized spirit, the future is promising for Ky-mani., his autobiography “Dear Dad” was released on February 6th, 2010. He is working on his new clothing line Konfrontation, focusing on his non-profit organization LOAF, Love Over All Foundation while relentlessly recording new and exciting material for his upcoming album “Evolution of a Revolution” that will surely represent a new era of sound. The new recordings will continue to highlight the myriad of Ky-mani’s influences. His new works will prove to be a blend of genres that will touch the inner-soul of each listener.
Known for his amazing live show, Ky-Mani Marley will take the MAESTRO tour on the road this summer in the US.
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Ky-Mani Marley on Twitter

special guest: Matisyahu

Ten years after the release of his breakthrough album, Live at Stubb’s (which reached #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart), Matisyahu has again returned to the well-known Texas venue to record Live at Stubb’s III: A 10-Year Journey. The result is a picture of artistic evolution, filled with the kind of texture a performer only acquires after years on the road, gathering myriad life-experiences and exploring new musical influences.

From 2005 to 2015, Matisyahu’s artistic and personal transformation has been nothing less than epic. Achieving early success as a “hasidic reggae superstar,” he later went on to craft a broader, multi-influence, cross‐genre musical style that broke all the rules, bringing him greater success and an equal amount of criticism from early fans. Having survived the backlash from the die-hard reggae set, as well as those who saw him only as a “bearded Jewish icon,” Matisyahu released Akeda (Uh-kay-duh) in 2014, his most creative, “self-reflective and purely conceived album” to date.

Now, with Live at Stubb’s III: A 10-Year Journey, Matisyahu reveals yet another side to his musical personality. Whereas the original Live at Stubb’s (2005) produced “a classic of live performance,” and Live at Stubb’s II (2011) the “super-charged concert experience at it’s best,” Live at Stubb’s III: A 10-Year Journey (2015) delivers the “no additives” beauty of a stripped-back sit-down show in which the musicians play just for the love of the music.

Recorded at the legendary Stubb’s in Austin, Texas, on March 7th, 2015 (just over ten years after the original February 19th, 2005 performance, with supplementary tracks recorded on March 4th, 2015 at New York City’s Winery), Matisyahu reunited with three friends from his days at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York and the early years—guitarist Aaron Dugan (who performed on the original Live at Stubb’s album); keyboardist, Rob Marscher; and percussionist, Tim Keiper.


Like a rare “bootleg recording of Bob Dylan singing in a smoke-filled club in the early 60s,” Matisyahu’s performance in Live at Stubb’s III has the simple sound and appeal of “a great poet-musician on open mic night.” Together with Dugan, Marscher and Keiper, Matisyahu “soaks in the music and allows it to take its own twists and turns,” which he often accompanies with his signature beat-boxing. Opening with a “deep, soulful,” tone-setting performance of “Crossroads” from Spark Seeker, Matisyahu performs songs from each of his albums, from Shake Off the Dust…Arise (2004) to Akeda (2014). Notable on the album are newly interpreted versions of songs from the original Live at Stubbs like, “Lord Raise Me Up,” “Close My Eyes,” “Warrior,” and “King Without a Crown” as well as a cover of Bob Marley’s “Running Away,” into which he blends his own, “Dispatch the Troops.”


As part of the 10th anniversary of Live at Stubb’s, Matisyahu and his band featuring Dugan, Marscher, and Keiper will be out on the road performing a series of intimate sit-down shows highlighting the songs on Live at Stubb’s III: A 10-Year Journey.
Matisyahu official site
Matisyahu on Facebook
Matisyahu on Twitter
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DJ Gravy and Micro Don

presented by House of Marley, Okayplayer, and LargeUp

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