Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts

with Hamell on Trial & Crazy & the Brains Video Release Party

Tue October 27th, 2015


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 8:00PM

Show Time: 8:30PM

Event Ticket: $10

Day of Show: $12

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This is a general admission, standing event.

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Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts

Born and raised New Yorker Jeffrey Lewis leads a double-life, as both a comic book artist and an indie-rock musician. Beginning with homemade cassettes in the late 90s, and moving on to touring the world and releasing “proper” albums since 2001, Jeffrey’s now 15-year career has included sharing bills and tours with the likes of The Vaselines, The Fall, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Roky Erickson, The Mountain Goats, Daniel Johnston, Devo, Pulp and many other luminaries.
This event celebrates the October 30th release of his newest album, Manhattan and is preceded by a free gallery show (rsvp required) here at LPR celebrating his visual output over the years. (Details on “Landfill Indie” here)
Made with John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Phosphorescent, War On Drugs) and Brian Speaker, Manhattan is both named after and directly inspired by New York City, but is no regionalized curio. It’s the very specificity of the details Lewis uses to depict his characters and situations that make his songs so evocative, and emotionally rich; Jarvis Cocker has described him as “the best lyricist working in the US today”. While we may not have grown up five blocks away from where we now reside in the Lower East Side, like Lewis does, we’ve all encountered our own “Scowling Crackhead Ian”, stoop-loitering or not; we’ve all had a sad, aimless breakup conversation like Lewis’s in “Manhattan,” even if ours didn’t take us over the Williamsburg Bridge, through a graffitied train-yard, and across a crowded skate park on Avenue A.
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Hamell on Trial

The musical alias of New York-based anti-folk hero Ed Hamell, Hamell on Trial is a one-man punk band that plays loud, fast music informed by politics, passion, energy and intelligence. His caustic tongue and devil-may-care attitude has long been a favorite of anti-establishment musical icons Henry Rollins and Ani DiFranco and the critical elite and incited Rolling Stone to call him “bald, bold and superbad”, describing his signature sound as “attack-dog protest folk and ferocious staccato strumming (think Husker Du on Folkways Records).”
He has been described as “Bill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson and Joe Strummer all rolled into one” by Philadelphia Weekly and a “one-man Tarantino flick: loud, vicious, luridly hilarious, gleefully and deeply offensive” by the Village Voice.
His ninth album, The Happiest Man In The World, has just been released on the prestigious New West Records. The album sees Hamell still as uncompromising, fearless, insightful, absurd, hysterical and as poignant as he was when he descended upon the music world with his debut 25 years ago. The LP is chock full of Hamell’s biting wit, rapid fire strumming, motor mouth rants, spoken word interludes, genre hopping and comedic one-liners and features collaborations with Kimya Dawson of the Moldy Peaches and longtime friend and mentor Ani DiFranco.
Hamell spent several months on the road last year supporting The Uncluded, the project of Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock and will be touring extensively in the U.S. and Europe in support of the album and performed at this year’s SXSW. In July he comes to the UK for a tour and in August will be world premiering his one man show The Happiest Man in the World at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he previously won the coveted Herald Angel award. Armed with a battered 1937 Gibson acoustic guitar he strums like a machine gun, a politically astute mind that can’t stop moving and a mouth that can be profane one minute and profound the next, Hamell sets his sights on some classic subjects (sex, drugs, and rock and roll) and some personal ones, too. His performances invoke thoughts of the great rebellious comedians and social commentators of the past: Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, and even a bit of Sam Kinison. Hamell is a great mind; acoustic punk rock mixed with a traveller’s soul. There’s no way around his obscenity, but in that is a willingness to fight for the freethinkers of the world. Hamell On Trial is a refreshing punk rock bomb on the unsuspecting folk singer-songwriter world and above all else a preacher of common sense and truth.
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Crazy & the Brains Video Release Party

Crazy & the Brains is the brainchild of Chris Urban and Jeff Rubin – two punks whose previous bandmates bailed on them, leaving them with a guitar and a stolen (err appropriated) xylophone. In the most punk of punk spirits they made do with what they had and forged on creating a new band and a proving that doing whatever you damn well please will always be where it’s at. Recently they enlisted brothers Brett and Lawrence Miller on bass and drums and rounded out their band and their sound going from their anti-folk roots to a newer blast-core sound (two genres I believe they invented). If you haven’t seen these guys live you are doing your self a disservice cause they bring the party where ever they go. They’re like the Atlanta of New Jersey (if that makes any sense).
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