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Tue September 29th, 2015


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 7:00PM

Show Time: 7:30PM

Event Ticket: $15

Day of Show: $20

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Robert Poss

ROBERT POSS was a founding member of Band Of Susans, which Rolling Stone Magazine described as “adamantly arty, brainy, visceral and bracing.” Poss released two companion solo CDs, Distortion Is Truth and Crossing Casco Bay on Trace Elements Records. At the time, Tape Op Magazine described him as a “guitar genius, drone meister …the master of treated and manipulated guitars.” Since his 2002 releases, Poss has composed and performed music for choreographers Sally Gross, Alexandra Beller and Gerald Casel, has worked with ex-Band Of Susans founding member Susan Stenger on a 96-day musical installation for the Musée d’art Contemporain in Lyon, France, performed at the premier of composer Phill Niblock’s “Stosspeng” in Krems, Austria and contributed music to an Albert Maysles/Kristen Nutile documentary, Sally Gross: The Pleasure Of Stillness. In 2009 he performed with Rhys Chatham and Robert Longo at a Metropolitan Museum of Art retrospective. He has also collaborated with Austrian visual artist Margret Wibmer and has written guitar-centric articles for The Leonardo Music Journal. In March 2012 he performed the music Cage, Yoshi Yada and Phill Niblock along with Susan Stenger at the AV Festival in Newcastle, U.K. In June of 2015, Poss did a series of eight performances with Kato Hideki accompanying the Alexandra Beller/Dances company at La Mama for the piece “milkdreams.” Reviewing his 2010 solo release Settings: Music For Dance, Film, Fashion and Industry, The Wire wrote that Poss’ “abiding love for electric guitar is no casual dalliance or detached Platonic infatuation; it’s an erotic commitment, an obsessive plunge into the instrument’s metallic churn and enveloping drone.”

Glockabelle featuring Kid Millions & Kaki King

Glockabelle is Annabelle Cazes. She plays two Casio VL-Tones, a lyre-shaped glockenspiel with eight thimbles and sings in both French and English.
Her eccentric sound stems from a combination of inspiration and circumstance. Born to Francophone parents, Cazes received an education both stateside and in France, creating the ability to sing in both French and English. After being introduced to the sound and styling of the Casio VL-Tones by a neighbor in Paris, Cazes began blending her classical piano techniques with modern synth-pop sounds resulting in beautiful mixture of rhythm and tone. She also developed a unique approach to playing the glockenspiel with eight sewing thimbles.
This new sound lead Glockabelle to a 2008 tour with Fiery Furnaces, landing her a set at Bonnaroo Music Festival. In 2010, Glockabelle composed an original piece for the Paris Cinema Festival which broadcasted in both French Cinemas and on national television. She has appeared on the Chris Gethard Show, the BJ Rubin Show, WFMU, performed at Art Basel Miami, opened for James Chance and Marnie Stern and performed with Shy Child at the Montreux Jazz Festival. She opened for Jack White’s Raconteurs while touring as a member of the Fiery Furnaces. The New York Times said of her performance on this tour, “Technique in action: The glockenspiel has a new heyday in indie-rock, following a lineage from Phil Spector through the E Street Band through U2’s first album to the Arcade Fire. But I haven’t seen one played the way the Fiery Furnaces did: not with mallets, but with thimbles on fingertips. That can make for more simultaneous notes, more busy metallic pling.”
In 2015, Glockabelle was a featured vocalist on the Go! Team album The Scene Between with the song “Catch Me on the Rebound.”
Her Wolf BBQ EP is a collection of mostly unreleased tracks. The result is a collection of equally playful and technically complex tracks filled with surf and punk tendencies, all brought together with her intricate synths and controlled madness.
Glockabelle’s two favorite performers are Dick Dale and Lizzy Mercier Descloux.
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John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions) is a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer who is perhaps best known as the drummer for Oneida.
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Brian Chase – Ron Anderson Duo

Brian Chase is the drummer/percussionist from Brooklyn, NY. Projects include: Yeah Yeah Yeas, Kid Millions, Seconds, & many more.
Brian Chase official site
Ron Anderson was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1959. He is a self-taught rock composer who starting experimenting with new rock concepts, noise, free improvisation while in high school in the mid 1970’s. In 1980 he was one of the founding members of Rat At Rat R in Philadelphia. He moved to New York City’s Lower East Side in 1982. He started working in his home recording studio experimenting with tape editing, found sounds, noise, and improvisation. He combined these elements with composition and released his first LP entitled Fever Dream in 1987. Ron moved to Oakland, CA in 1989 and shortly thereafter formed The Molecules; they released a total of 6 CD’s. He and The Molecules were introduced to the European music community at the Musique Action Festival in Nancy, France in 1993 and since then he has been a regular on the European festival and club circuit, as well as touring in Japan, Canada and the United States. After living in Geneva, Switzerland for one year, he moved back to New York City in 1999 where he formed PAK. He has collaborated with many musicians on numerous projects. He appears on over 60 releases, most recently Ron Anderson’s PAK – Secret Curve on Tzadik and R. Anderson/Robert L, Pepper/David Tamura/Philippe Petit – Closed Encounters Of The 4 Minds on Pubic Eyesore.
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diNMachine makes amoebic dance-rock that references the twitchy funk of the no-wave movement, the transcendent and glitchy textures from every era and strain of electronic music, the compositional qualities of classical music, with exotic flourishes from music across the globe.
DnB at its core with elements of noise, motorik, jazz, Afro-pop, post-punk, 60’s lounge and salsa, it’s like the best, most adventurous alternative radio station you’ve ever heard (without the commercials).
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JOHN 3:16

JOHN 3:16 is a unique experiment relying on the broad culture of its solo composer. Heavy and aerial, the music is leading here. No rules to follow as no genre wide enough to encompass all the elements in JOHN 3:16. In between soundtrack, ambient electronic and drone, each track is a piece of space somewhere, far away from here.
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