Friday Night Jam with Rabbi Dan Ain and Relix’s Mike Greenhaus Friday Night Jam with Rabbi Dan Ain and Relix’s Mike Greenhaus

with Relix’s Mike Greenhaus & Jeremiah Lockwood (of The Sway Machinery)

Fri July 29th, 2016


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 6:30PM

Show Time: 7:00PM

Event Ticket: $36

event description event description

Join Rabbi Dan Ain of Because Jewish and Relix‘s Mike Greenhaus for a new speaking series exploring the deep connection between ritual, music and faith.

July 29th guest: Jeremiah Lockwood of The Sway Machinery

Evening includes:
* Conversation between Jeremiah Lockwood, Rabbi Dan and Mike Greenhaus
* Audience Q & A
* Friday Night blessings
* Short Musical Performance from Jeremiah Lockwood
* A drink and a snack are included in price of ticket

The jamband and roots-rock scene that Relix grew out of has always been defined by its traditions and rituals dating back to the Grateful Dead, and I hope this series can explore some of the spiritual matters at the heart of each artists’ musical journey.” – Mike Greenhaus, Editor-in-Chief, Relix

Ticketing Policy

$20 student ticket (at the door only). 

All ticket buyers (excluding student tickets) receive one drink ticket upon entry, and hummus and pita at each table during the show. 

the artists the artists


Rabbi Dan Ain

Rabbi Dan Ain on Twitter

Preacher and connector, Rabbi Dan Ain gathers those who are open to being reached. He finds holiness in honest conversation, in the spaces where people can say what they really think and allow others to do the same. His latest project Because Jewish creates opportunities for our religious perspectives to be in genuine dialogue with our artists, our musicians and our everyday lives. He has been curating these offerings around NYC at the 92nd St Y (as Director of Tradition and Innovation), Brooklyn Bowl, (Le) Poisson Rouge and as the rabbi of The New Shul. He offers meaningful ways to worship in the 21st century – creating experiences that speak to people living in today’s world using the language, lessons and music of the past. A Conservative rabbi, Rabbi Dan is a CLAL Resident and was ordained at The Jewish Theological Seminary. You can follow him on twitter @rabbidan.

Relix’s Mike Greenhaus

Mike Greenhaus on Twitter | Mike Greenhaus on Instagram

Mike Greenhaus is a writer, blogger and self-described “live music geek.” He is the editor-in-chief of Relix, the longest-standing print magazine dedicated to improvisational and independent music. Additionally, he edits the daily newswire for Relix.comx and its sister site Jambands.com. Mike is the vice president and co-founder of Relix Media Group, the parent company of Relix magazine, Relix.comJambands.com, the Bonnaroo Beacon newspaper, specialty publications for Mumford & Sons’ and Phish’s festivals, the local event database DoNYC and the Here & There music network. A former college radio DJ, Mike co-created Relix’s official podcast “Cold Turkey” in 2005—one of the first magazine podcasts—and is currently working on a new podcast with comedian/musician Danny Tamberelli. Mike has spoken on panels at the South by Southwest and CMJ music conferences, helps oversee Relix’s official video channels, co-curates the collaborative “Brooklyn Is Live” event series and serves on the Young Patrons Board for City Parks Foundation. He has written for SpinPasteAmerican Songwriter and a variety of other outlets, and penned the introduction to noted music photographer Jay Blakesberg’s book, Jam. In 2016, he will also begin working on a documentary film about The Beach Boys’ Al Jardine. A native New Yorker and Skidmore College graduate, Mike lives in New York City with his Southern-transplant wife, and has proudly seen a concert in all five boroughs (including Staten Island). You can follow him on Twitter at @greenhauseffect and Instagram at @greenhauseffect3

Jeremiah Lockwood (of The Sway Machinery)

As a young man, Jeremiah Lockwood apprenticed with Piedmont Blues musician Carolina Slim, and studied chazzanus with his grandfather Cantor Jacob Konigberg. His band The Sway Machinery seeks inspiration from New York City’s cultural geography and has performed at festivals around the world, including, perhaps most notably, the Festival of the Desert in Timbuktu, Mali. He toured for years as guitarist in the band Balkan Beat Box, has scored numerous film and video projects, and served as a 2011 Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra Composer Fellow. His most recent records include a 2014 blues-oriented solo album entitled LOCKWOOD, and a new record from The Sway Machinery, Purity and Danger, released in 2015. Jeremiah is currently a PhD candidate at Stanford University where he is engaged in research on the culture of Cantorial music.

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